Sofas, Couches or Corner Lounges – How To Choose Best For Your Home

Sofas, Couches or Corner Lounges - How To Choose Best For Your Home

Whether you call it a sofa, couch or even lounge suite, seating is a vital component of a busy living room. This humble item of furniture has been given a few names, and it is often influenced by what your parents called it or where you grew up. Traditionally, the sofa is thought to be derived from the Arabic “suffah,” which is a bench covered in cushions and blankets, while the couch is derived from the Victorian era French “couche.” However, the modern sofa has made these terms interchangeably. For many shoppers, the terms used are the most challenging aspect of buying a new sofa or lounge, so here we’ll explore these terms, so you have the details needed to make an informed decision.

Sofa or Couch

These terms are used to describe seating for two or more people with a backrest and an armrest at each end. Couches may be seen as more casual with larger, softer cushions, while sofas may be considered more formal and rigid, but as mentioned above, the terms are often interchangeable.

Corner Lounges or Lounge Suites

The term lounge is derived from “lounger” or “chaise Longue.” This means that you can expect to see a chaise as part of the suite. While this is usually a corner sofa, it is possible to purchase armchair chaises or accent chairs. Corner lounges have increased in popularity in recent years, as they are often modular, allowing you to configure the lounge to the specific characteristics of a room. Lounges are available from smaller 2.5 models through to family sized seven-seaters.


This is where the terminology can get confusing as corner lounges are often modular, but not all modular systems are corner lounges. Simply put, a modular sofa is sectional and can be configured to suit a room. They are made up using multiple pieces joined together unlike a traditional sofa, which is one fixed piece. Modular sofas can incorporate pieces to suit your needs such as consoles with cup holders, chaises or storage compartments.

Sofa Beds

As the name suggests, this is a part bed and part sofa. It typically looks like a regular sofa but can be converted or folded out into a bed as needed. Sofa beds are available in a variety of styles and designs, with some offering greater comfort as a sofa, some more comfortable as a bed, and some offering an excellent balance of the two.


These two sofas offer similar comfort but in different ways. A recliner can be a single seat or as part of a larger sofa, allowing the back of the seat to recline using a manual or electric mechanism.

Incliners still allow you to stretch out, but the mechanism to move the seat is inside. Rather than moving the seat back, the seat slides forward at an angle to allow you to sink into the chair. This saves space as you can place your incliner against a wall without needing to leave space for the back to move.

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