How to Choose the Best Kimberley Tours

How to Choose the Best Kimberley Tours

Kimberley holidays offer visitors a fantastic choice of activities, sights, and attractions. While this is an exciting prospect for many, some may worry about finding the best Kimberley tours to ensure they make the most of their trip. Fortunately, we have some tips to help you get through the various offerings and pick the right Kimberley tours for your preferences and requirements.

What Accommodation is Used

One of the biggest differences between Kimberley tours is the type of accommodation offered. There are tours based on camping so that you can explore the wilderness, but if you don’t fancy sleeping under the stars, you may prefer a tour that offers tent style hotels complete with ensuite facilities. Of course, every type of accommodation has specific pros and cons. For example, a permanent camp with more facilities will offer greater comfort, but you can expect a larger group and may pay more. The prospect of comfort may be far more important compared to the desire for solitude, but this is a personal preference, so be realistic in what you want from your tour.

The Vehicles

The Kimberley can be an unforgiving place and can destroy even tough vehicles. As a visitor, you don’t want to be stranded in a broken down vehicle. Not only will this disrupt your experience and waste time, but you risk missing hotel bookings and flights if there is a delay on your tour. For this reason, it is a good idea to check what vehicles are used by tour operators. It is worth asking how old the vehicles are and what provisions are made for comfort. If you have a bad back, you won’t want to be jolted around in a WWII era jeep.

The Group Size

The sizes of tour groups can vary a great deal. Additionally, the classification of what is a small group can vary. Some operators claim to have small groups, but you could find yourself in a group of 30 people. Smaller groups are usually a good thing, but small is a relative term, so be sure to ask more specifically about the group size. Think about the type of group you’ll feel most comfortable in. While small groups are usually better, if you’re traveling alone, you may feel a little lost with one or two couples.

Area Expertise

There are hundreds of resellers on the internet offering Kimberley tours. However, this doesn’t mean they offer the best Kimberley Tours. The Kimberley is such a unique place that area expertise is essential to ensure that you get to see all the best sights. Guides with local knowledge tend to take tours to lesser-known spots where you can really experience the amazing diverse flora and fauna at its best.

If you’re considering Kimberley holidays and want to explore Kimberley tours, you should speak to us. We offer some of the best Kimberley tours with our local knowledge and area expertise. You’ll find our team members ready to answer any queries or questions so you can enjoy a trip of a lifetime.


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