The Perfect Christmas Gift for the Woman of Your Life!

The Perfect Christmas Gift for the Woman of Your Life!

It is that time of the year! People are once again trying to answer the age-old question, “What does Santa have in store for women?”. Answering this question can take months of hard work but we just hope Miss Claus was nearby to give some hints here and there.  

Come this Christmas, save yourself from that trial-and-error approach to Christmas Eve shopping and the legwork of scouring the Internet! We have for you a specially hand-picked list of ideas and potentially perfect gifts for all the special ladies.

However, I would like to confess to the fact that, there is no one-size-fits-all for all the special ladies. But I am confident that this list is a good enough guide for you to figure out, how to best pamper your lady.

Our Top Pick for this Eve

Choose from a wide variety of plush velvet clutch bags, croc-effect bags, and classic crème-de-la-crème Italian leather handbags.

The Perfect Christmas Gift for the Woman of Your Life!

The Gemma Dove Leather Tote Bag

The Aesthetically designed dove-hued Italian leather handbag is the perfect way to pamper and make your lady feel special. Here’s why:
Didn’t I mention aesthetic and dove already? But, hold on! There is more to come. The side ribbon ties are perfectly blended as they give a unique twist on the classic shoulder bag. To top that, the top handle scoops low, only to give your lady the perfect design-led finish and the “classy” look when strolling down the city.

The designed-to-detail characteristics make the Italian leather bag totally standout and make it to the top of our most recommended Christmas gifts.

The Perfect Christmas Gift for the Woman of Your Life!

Flotos Handmade Leather Bag

If your woman is environmentally conscious and has a liking for natural, home-made and an authentic feel, this Flotos handbag should do it just right! Here’s why:

The hand-made item created from hand-stained calfskin leather and vegetable tanned leather is perfectly designed to give it the “natural” look. It is strong, flexible and rich colour tones are the feathers on the hat.

The perfect way to mix business with leisure, this Flotos bag has been rated full 5-stars on Etsy by all the 145 reviewers. Hurry up, before the stock runs out.

The Perfect Christmas Gift for the Woman of Your Life!

The Athenea – Large Leather Shopper Tote

The newly arrived classic leather tote bag is smartly designed and can be carried on both, smart and casual settings. Come this Christmas, make your leather feel special with this versatile piece of fine leather. With ample room for daily essentials, the bag is perfectly blended for practical, smart and every day uses.

Now that you have an idea about our top pick for this eve, it is time to explore the “other presents”. Come to this Eve-dropping, also on our list…

The Luxe Facial Experience

Make her feel special with the perfect facial! The facing roller created of real rose quartz is the perfect way to make her feel special. As one of its qualities as a romance booster rose quartz also works like your angel in making her say yes to you! Let’s get real! Valentine’s Day is not really far either.

The Fuzzy Fall Coat

Hope you have not forgotten! Christmas is also the time of dropping temperatures. So give her a hug, without giving a hug! With this cozy and faux-fur coat, its cherry color literally is the cherry on the top when gifting her with a trendy stylish look.


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