PC Fighting Games with the best Online Play Today

PC Fighting Games with the best Online Play Today

In a fighting game, a player involves themselves in combat with another virtual gamer that is in most instances controlled by the artificial intelligence of the developer software. In these games, the moves made by the fighters are triggered by pressing certain key buttons on the pad. In these games, a player can either be armed with swords or guns or unarmed such as in boxing. The players have some powerful martial arts bestowed upon them and this may make the game very difficult in one way or another. To beat the opponent, one has to familiarize themselves with fighting techniques. Some of the keys include the block or counter-attacking techniques. Also, if you’re looking for a gaming rig check our Fierce PC for more information.

Fighting games require a good sitting posture due to the long gaming hours. For a game to be effective, the gamer must have a comfortable gaming chair suited for the game. The best chair in the market suited for long hours of fighting games is the arozzi gaming chair. This chair has quality pillows supporting both the neck and the back for maximum comfort. Once a gamer is equipped with this chair, they are ready to play the best online PC fighting games in the market as listed below.

     1. Fortnite Battle Royale

This is one of the most favorite online games in the world. In less than a year since its release, the games had earned more than 3 million players. The game started out normal just like other games but soon picked up the pace and became the world phenomenon. This is a free to play the game. The game was published by the Epic Games. During its release in 2017, it started in the Microsoft Windows, X-Box and PlayStation 4. In 2018, they released it in the Android version thus making it easier for all users.

     2. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

PC Fighting Games with the best Online Play Today

This is an online multiplayer game. The game was published by PUGB Corporation. When played through androids, the game is free; however, when played via PC, one has to pay. However, one can still evade these prices by downloading emulators. Emulators are used through changing settings to Pubg and later play it on PC with the HD graphics. For steam users, one has to pay for the game or use in-game credit cards.

     3. League of legends.

For most gamers, they have nicknamed the game as ‘LoL’. The game was published Riot Gamer in 2009. Despite the year of release, the game has continued to feature as one of the best online games. The game can be played on Microsoft Windows and macOS. Since 2009, LoL has seen millions of audiences on board. The game has over 7 million concurrent players and more than a hundred million active players. The disadvantage of this game is that one can only play the game via PC. Whatsoever, even with these limitations, the game has a staggering number of players thus showing its prowess.

     4. Splatoon 2

This video game was released in 2017 and by Nintendo. For the Switch, this is one of the best.one may dismiss it at the first glance due to its colorful images and a shooter clone who has been PG-rated. However, for the real games, they understand that the game has a lot of mechanics in it. For this game, one is required to attack players who own ink guns. Afterward, one either eliminates or drives away the opponents. The territory can afterward be used as a hiding zone for players from the same side (they wear the same color).

     5. Skullgirls.

This is a 2D game known for its good netcode. The game was developed by Reverge Labs. In addition to this, the game is equipped with rebalancing and DLC characters. Initially, these were not free; but with time, the developers made it free. For the people who enjoy the Capcom’s vs. series games, this could be a perfect game since they are relatable. This game is two way. if a woman decided to watch it with a bad motive, they might in one or another end up being corrupted by power just as the Skullgirls.


PC Fighting Games with the best Online Play Today

Online PC games are very popular to gamers, especially youngsters. The games are known to bring out the alertness in a gamer thus activating their games. The above games are popular games, yet very affordable to most people. Some of them are absolutely free. All that one requires is a comfortable chair and they are ready to fight!


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