Elawoman: Best Fertility Healthcare Facilitator

Elawoman: Best Fertility Healthcare Facilitator

Elawoman has emerged as the best healthcare facilitator across India and South-East Asia. It has been serving in the healthcare sphere for a long time now. Elawoman provides healthcare facilities to its patients by maintaining confidentiality and by acting as a knowledgeable counseling agent between various fertility hospitals and health seekers. Elawoman has a record of 7027 live births by IVF and 2042 babies by Surrogacy.

What is a Healthcare Facilitator?

Healthcare facilitators are people or a group of people who endeavor their services in the medical sphere of health and well-being in order to provide the best medical assistance to those who seek healthcare. Healthcare facilitators understand common and uncommon medical conditions and act as a bridge between healthcare providers and people who need medical assistance. They give access to primary health care and extensively experienced care providers in the community for people dealing with various medical issues by remaining neutral and unbiased.

Types of Healthcare Facilities

There is a tremendous increase in the complexity of the medical health care system; therefore, one has to be very attentive while making a decision to select the best healthcare facilitator for medical care. With so many different IVF treatment centers around these days, it is hard to know which is the best. IVF treatment from Fertility Plus is one of the leading treatment centers in the UK. There are several types of healthcare facilities including:

  1. Gynecology and Obstetrics Services
  2. Ambulatory Services
  3. Medical Clinics and Offices
  4. Radiology and Imaging Centres
  5. Rehabilitation Centres
  6. Emergency Care

And so much more…

Elawoman: A Home for Healthcare Facilities

Elawoman is a credible and recognizable fastest growing healthcare provider for Fertility and Reproductive healthcare services with having tie-ups with over 1265 best Fertility Centres across India and South-Asia. The fertility experts at Elawoman have prepared a list of all the national and international health professionals for infertility treatments based on their expertise, past patient reviews, education and training, licensing and certification, different hospital affiliations, number of languages spoken by the doctors, and their acceptance to new patients. Each health care professional is ranked by the Elawoman experts based on certain criteria of the success rates of IVF doctors which are further based on patient satisfaction reviews. Success rates of IVF Doctors and IVF centers are comparatively higher where state of the art technologies and modern equipment are used to carry out fertility treatments. With each IVF doctor, the success rates are mentioned on elawoman.com.

Why Only Elawoman?

  1. Experience: Elawoman has experienced personnel of healthcare professionals, Researchers, Social Scientists, Psychologists and Technicians who are working together in treating infertility related problems for more than 40 years. Ela is dedicated to helping infertile couples to find the best fertility solution for their problems. Elawoman provides its patients with the benefit of having a personal health care assistant to assist them at each and every step in achieving pregnancy through a number of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) treatments.
  2. Trustworthy: Elawoman is a one-stop solution for a diverse population seeking medical assistance in the field of infertility. It connects patients to the right infertility doctor, best suited to their specific issue, based on medical history, diagnostic tests, and health issues. Ela has spent years in building trust among its patients all across the world by providing them with best fertility treatments through transparent dealings, fair practices, and strong work ethics.
  3. Multi-opinion and Free Consultation: At Elawoman, patients have the leverage to switch their fertility doctors by our exclusive ‘multi-opinion’ service that too with the benefit of ‘first free consultation’. Patients can switch to another doctor if they don’t find the previous service satisfactory or convincing enough. You can find the list of highly experienced doctor panel at
  4. Digital Records: The digitally maintained and prepared medical records of the patients are helpful in retaining accuracy as the chances for medical errors gets reduced in digitally prepared medical records. It also helps in promoting reliable prescribing, legible and complete documentation and providing safer care in less duration of time.
  5. Connectivity: ‘Ela Connect’ is a technologic platform for removing all “friction points” in the fertility health, you can get assistance in all spheres including financial and legal help, booking guaranteed instant multiple fertility specialist appointments with less waiting time and diagnostic tests. Ela connect offers consent forms which protect you in terms of medico-legal aspects. It also helps you in follow-up visits and queries related to your treatment.

Elawoman’s Multilingual Support

Apart from Hindi and English, Elawoman’s exclusive multilingual support allows its patients to have medical assistance in more than five regional languages including Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bangla, and Punjabi. You can get quick assistance to Ela’s agent friendly portal at +91-7899912611 by talking to Ela’s multilingual fertility experts in your preferred languages. Elawoman caters to its language-specific patients, therefore; it is a healthcare facilitator that ‘speaks your language’.

Ela Recommendation Engine

With the rapid increase in the number of infertility cases, Ela has designed Recommendation Engine that can help its patients pick a fertility treatment from any location around the world. Ela’s expert developers have prepared a Recommendation Engine algorithm which is based on doctor performances and qualifications model, Data Sciences and Research to help infertile couples have complete information about particular infertility treatment. The recommendation engine algorithm is prepared via referring to the data set of 42000+ baby birth success rates, characteristics of a fertility doctor’s expertise based on patient preferences, medical conditions and fertility issues. Elawoman has been providing unbiased, transparent and independent fertility suggestions based on its reach of over a decade. The recommendation engine compares doctor experiences, cost of the treatment, hospital infrastructure, facilities, offerings, and IVF Success rates.

Domestic and International Patients Service

Elawoman has a wrap-around compassionate and caring approach in treating patients with infertility. Ela is tied up with several medical organizations, hospitals, and fertility centers. Elawoman offers a wide array of medical services in accordance with the licensed and accredited sources. It has a qualified team of highly skilled and experienced doctors who address all pain points of patients including ascertaining the best possible treatment, connect platform, second opinion assistance, digital health records, community access and being a Fertility Friend. At Ela, you can get the most up-to-date, unbiased and accurate information related to Fertility, IVF and Surrogacy. You can arrange appointments with a doctor at elawoman.com to get your right treatment specialist. The fertility experts at Ela are always there to serve their patients with appropriate information and medical intervention. For educating its patients, Ela organizes camps and talks to discuss the severity and complexity of infertility and how Assisted Reproductive Treatments can play a major role in helping a couple achieve pregnancy.

International Patients

Elawoman’s reach is not restricted to Indian patients only. International patients also prefer Elawoman for their infertility related problems and disorders, because of the services and treatments provided by Ela at extremely affordable prices and at patient’s ease. In order to maintain its quality of services, Elawoman always recommends the hospitals or fertility centers which are NABH/ JCI accredited so that their patients don’t have to compromise with the quality of treatments, hygiene, and security. Elawoman helps in planning and finalizing travel and logistics of its International patients. Elawoman exclusively offers its International patients, a personal relationship manager to be with them for the treatment from their arrival in India to departure. The concerned department at Ela takes care of services like boarding, lodging, transportation, currency exchange, and language translations for their patients. All sorts of medical needs and treatment are taken care of by the experts at Elawoman for both inpatient and outpatient care. Every complication and important points related to treatment are thoroughly discussed by experienced doctors and medical staff. Proper follow up with patients and Fertility doctor is maintained even after the patients shift to their native place.

Corporate Patients

Elawoman has also created an entirely new approach towards managing the health of women employees and that of particular company employees. Elawoman uses an approach to create a health status report for all alike and a special report for women Employees. It develops the corporate health report to plan specific health drives for a company. Certain health drives, such as meditation sessions to prevent stress at work and directed at seasonal illnesses are arranged by Elawoman. Some other camps are also arranged to create fertility awareness amongst employees and targeted notifications. The medical camps also include areas such as stress, lifestyle changes such as obesity and Menstrual Cycle in order to improve fertility health and conditions.

Fertility Treatment at Your Fingertips with Ela App

Ela App is your all in one app which has features such as fertility tracker, ovulation tracker, best day prediction, avoid pregnancy, elawoman community, and elawoman fertility services. From tracking your menstrual cycle to calculating the best day for conception, Ela App has a record of providing 98.7 percent accuracy in the fertility aspects. Ela App helps women to remember their period dates with the Ela app feature of ‘Cycle Calendar Facility’, where a woman can mark and edit her periods to keep a record of ovulation days. You can also connect with the fertility experts by tapping on Ela Consult feature.

Ela’s Financial Support

With the help of its legal personnel, Elawoman has added facilities of medical loans for the fertility treatments. Most of these Medical loans are availed to patients at zero percent interest rate. Elawoman also provides legal aid to its patients through its extensive team of lawyers and law firms for any sort of legal assistance. A patient might need to start his or her journey with treatments like Donor, Surrogacy, FET, IUI, ICSI or IVF. Ela is solely a Private Limited Company that doesn’t have any ownership of any Hospital chain or Nursing Centre.

Patients experiencing infertility should go for Ela recommended fertility doctors as Elawoman has selected the best fertility Doctors in a fair and unbiased manner. It can match a case-specific doctor who has specializations in a particular treatment as per the needs of its patients. These recommended fertility doctors are selected based on past patient reviews based on case details, medical history, medical records, imaging, and reports. To know more about Elawoman and its services, you can visit elawoman.com or talk to the fertility experts at +91-7899912611.


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