How to cope with your Industrial flooring problems

How to cope with your Industrial flooring problems

Industrial environments have different floor specifications. Companies with exposure to industrial ovens, steam cleaning, hot liquid spills or other sources of heat require polished concrete floors with excellent thermal shock resistance. Firms with hazardous or flammable chemical and substances should invest in system fires and temperature resistance. Industrial floors are also exposed to extreme hard conditions such as tough cleaning agents, spillages from aggressive and corrosive chemicals, heavy machinery, overloading, among others. The floors should, therefore, be able to cope with all these challenges. Some factors should be considered when choosing the type of floor to put up in your workshop. Various sites offer various industrial flooring solutions but the ultimate decision is yours to make after weighing out the options available. Some of the factors to consider when making your industrial floor include;


Safety of the workers should always be the first priority in any workplace. Whether handling hazardous chemicals or heavy machines, the floor should be made such that it is skid free to prevent accidents within the workplace. Where there is skidding, there should be appropriate measures taken to safeguard the workers such as putting signs notifying them of possible accidents or should have support rails. The floors, however, should have high slip free qualities.

Easy to clean

Industries especially those handling food products should be spotlessly clean. Floors should, therefore, be easily cleaned and should not store germs. Use if technologies such as joint free polyurethane system provide easy to clean properties if the seamless floors. Ease in cleaning also makes the workplace look more habitable. Thanks, floors should also not take up too much water spilled on it to avoid rotting.

Colour impression

 Different floor area in workplaces should have different coloration to show their difference. Different colors can be used to separate walkways from the working ground, parking bays, loading zones, mark out hazardous areas, etc. This is done to avoid accidents and unnecessary obstruction in busy work yards. It is also useful in food industries to avoid contamination and in chemical industries to avoid mixing up since this can be a source of fatal and hazardous accidents.

User specifications

Heavy impact, chemical exposure, heat or high foot traffic each firm has its own specifications on what features their floor should have. Exposure to harsh chemicals call for chemical resistance, impact resistance is for the floors which are under the pressure of heavy impact and a lot of traffic while slip resistance is for preventing skidding in firms which are most likely to handle a lot of spills. However different floor specifications are not limited to the few examples of qualities pointed out.


Different floor types have different development time. The amount of time needed to completely finish a floor type should be able to accommodate the clients budget on time. Disruption of work due to floor making or repairs should as minimum as possible.

Heavy duty floors always give the best performance despite the specific specifications if the different needs.

There are different types of floors available in the market depending on your preferences. These include;

Polyurethane resin floors

This types of floors are the best to be used in firms which use heavy chemicals, needs high degrees of hygiene and demand industrial space. The floors have a combination of qualities that make it suitable for these workplaces. These aspects include heat resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and impact resistance. The floors are seamless therefore promoting high hygiene. It is heavy duty thus withstands the high pressure of steam cleaning an added advantage to its hygiene qualities.

Epoxy resin floors

Flow applied epoxy flooring is easy to maintain and is long lasting. The type is perfect for places that need to maintain good visual effects. It works well in health institutions, education centers, commercial and retail applications. It also offers hygiene qualities as it seamless. It offers ornate features and has not dusting surface thus suitable for public and exposure.

Polished concrete flooring systems

HTC super floor polished concrete floor offers good industrial surfaces for heavy machines. It also gives a high gloss appearance maintaining good visual effects. They are also seamless thus good hygiene. Diamond polished surfaces give off glamorous visual effects and could be best used in offices due to its ornate features.

All these floors are waterproof and give hygiene guarantee. The type to get depends on your preferences.


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