The Road to Bucharest (5 Powerful Reasons to Visit This City)


After a brief period of economic stagnation, Romania sets its course to become Europe’s new economic powerhouse. In a shocking set of circumstances, Romania transformed itself into one of Europe’s tourist hotspots. While Count Dracula and its homeland of Transylvania get its fair share of tourists each year, it is actually Bucharest that captures the attention of everyone with its endless party possibilities. That is why we give you five best things to do while staying in Romanians capital. Let’s start with…

#1 Vibrant nightlife in the heart of Romania

Even if you put all the colorful cultural heritage aside, Bucharest is left with a bustling nightclub scene that attracts an army of tourists each year. It doesn’t matter if you are planning an unforgettable stag do getaway or simply want to visit some of the iconic entertainment spots – this place will leave you amazed! The Old Town located in the city center area is where you will find some of the most famous clubs like Fratelli, Mojo, Bamboo, Beat of Angels, and Fratelli Social Club among many others.

However, if you don’t prefer large crowded places, there is always the possibility to gather your friends around the table in one of many trendy pubs and cocktail bars. People here radiate with generosity and hospitality, especially the girls who are easy-going and always eager to meet’n’greet foreigners. Possibilities for fun here are virtually endless so prepare to party like royalty in Bucharest!

#2 Taste the magnificent cuisine

Romania is famously known for its wide range of wines. And for a fairly large European country with a turbulent history, it’s no wonder that such unique dishes are served in Bucharest’s restaurants. Many influences can be felt in this city and the local cuisine perfectly reflects that cultural blend. Some famous specialties include servings like cabbage rolls, mititei, and ciorba de Burta among many other.

Tasting those meals will take you on a voyage throughout its past and the hospitality of its people will make you fall in love with every restaurant you enter. Virtually no one left this city without a few extra pounds and a bottle of famous Romanian wine to testify to everyone that sweet-sweet flavor of Bucharest holiday.

#3 Stunning architectural surroundings

How it came to be that all the famous monuments in Romanian capital still remain intact is nothing short of a miracle. From ancient Roman times to post-communist era, there are many different architectural landmarks as a covenant to Romanian glory. Bucharest proudly houses Europe’s largest and heaviest building better known as the Palace of the Parliament that stands as a testament to the brutal dictatorship that oppressed the country in recent past.

The city is connected in a well-organized web of wide boulevards that flock with breathtaking monuments in Art Nouveau and Belle Époque style. What may come as a surprise for you is that Bucharest is home to 19 beautiful lakes surrounded by gorgeous lush parks. What better to relax after a long walk throughout Bucharest streets than to dive into nature itself, right?

#4 Bucharest shopping spree

One of many great things about this trip will certainly be the price tags on everything you set your eyes upon. It really doesn’t matter if you are piling up your drinking bills at the end of a night or going for a shopping spree in one of many shopping malls. Foreigners swear that the low prices might be one of the greatest reasons everyone fell in love with Romania in the first place.

As an EU member, this county offers everything all the other members do with exception to some of the lowest clothing and beverage costs. It is a common sight to witness a huge number of tourists leaving the country with an abundance of stuff they bought during their stay.

#5 Unique festival card

Once you take a walk throughout the Romanian capital, you will witness the artistic soul of its residents. It is well known that the darkest times produce some of the finest artists and Bucharest is home to many of them. Bucharest International Jazz Competition is one of Europe’s most prestige Jazz festivals. And for all those interested in a more modern sound, you can take a bus ride from Bucharest to UNTOLD and Electric Castle – the nation’s most popular festivals of electronic dance music.

Also, with an ever-growing number of tourists, Romanian folk festivals are becoming more and more of an attraction, especially to very distant foreigners. There are plenty of festivities to choose from and the extensive selection alone is one of the main reasons why travelers choose Bucharest as their next tourist destination. Most of the Romania tours that you can take will include tours in Bucharest, a very interesting city.


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