How Solar Incentives Can Make You Go Solar

How Solar Incentives Can Make You Go Solar

It’s 2018 and more and more people are looking towards going solar. I mean, sunlight is free, you can generate as much electricity for your home or business and you also have a chance to cash out from the accumulated energy over time. Global warming is becoming our bane; all because of deforestation, exposure of the atmosphere to toxic fumes and some other reasons, we now have to contend with negative effects of the depletion of the ozone layer.

Government and some other parastatals have noticed this anomaly and in order to right our wrong doings in the past years, have decided to encourage people to subscribe to more environment friendly ways of producing power – like the solar panel system – by promoting it. And one way of promoting it is by giving owners of the solar panel systems the chance enjoy special privileges that are called Solar Incentives.

In the consecutive paragraphs, you will get an understanding of how solar incentives can make you go solar.

(1) By Reducing Cost Through Tax Credits And Rebates

It is no longer news that the cost of a solar panel system of high quality can reel into thousands of dollars. I don’t think, on the average, you will spend less than $10,000 in the purchase and installation of a solar panel system. For the average salary earner, that is already too much for them to afford. They have to save for years to be able to afford one, considering the fact that they might have other expenses to settle. But with the Federal Investment Tax Credit, State Credits and Cash Rebates available, you can end up paying way less  than you can ever imagine because some of the cost would already be covered from your taxes.

This has led more people to pay a listening ear to solar panel systems, and not look the other way when the subject is being mentioned.

(2) By Giving Homeowners The Prospects Of Cashing Out

With a program like New Jersey’s Solar Renewable  Energy Certificates (SREC) program, owners of the solar panel system have gotten a chance to make some returns from using the solar system and generating power with it. In this case, the homeowner can decide to go with the option of putting up the excess power generated for sale in form of energy certificates. So, instead of storing the power, as anyone would normally do, they get to earn from it.

These privileges have led a number of people to tilt towards the direction of purchasing and installing a solar panel system; because not only is it an environment friendly means of generating energy, it is also a means to augment the finances of the owners of the solar panel systems. This is one of the numerous points there is that covers how solar incentives can make you go solar.

(3) By Reducing Energy Bills

We all know how energy bills can be, they can be too expensive and so prone to change. There is no assurance that your energy bills won’t go up a notch the next year. Some people have it worse than the others, with the amount they spend on electricity bills alone. Which is why solar panel systems have become a lifesaver sorts, since they can help the homeowners reduce costs on the energy bills. And you can indirectly say that the solar incentives that are available, partially made that possible, as that has spurred more people to buying and installing one.

(4) By Making Homeowners Better Managers Of Their Funds

Everyone will appreciate something that helps them reduce cost of living. Something that enables you have enough savings to foot some other bills. Something that enables you enjoy some sort of financial freedom in the long run. And solar incentives is something that can actually help you achieve all that, in a laid-back kind of way.

From the cash rebates and credits gotten from buying and using solar power, other bills that is not energy bills can be cleared. Even some business owners that uses the solar panel system are happy about it, because it saves them money to use for the running of their business and all other expenses.

If this is not considered a good thing, I wonder what is.

The introduction of solar incentives is one of the best things that has happened to the appreciation and sustenance of  solar energy as the prospects of getting rewarded of some sorts and enjoying special privileges from the consistent use of the solar panel can get anyone excited about acquiring one.

I hope this article have provided with solid points on how solar incentives can make you go solar. And if you are still laidback or unsure about acquiring and installing one, I hope you change your mind pretty soon as you stand a lot to gain.


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