5 Best Productivity Tools to Keep You on Track While Traveling

5 Best Productivity Tools to Keep You on Track While Traveling

When you’re out on the open road, it’s easy to let responsibilities fall by the wayside. It’s important to stay on top of your goals at all times, however, even when traveling. Here are a couple of helpful tools that can help to motivate you and keep you on track when you’re out and about so that nothing stands in the way of you and your dreams.

1. A Scheduling App

One of the most challenging parts of being productive is keeping organized. If you want to stay on top of your goals, a scheduling app can help you to manage and prioritize important tasks. This can be especially useful if you have poor time management skills.

Scheduling apps not only help you break down what you need to get done in a certain timeframe but also how long each task should take. It helps you to set realistic deadlines instead of rushing yourself or lollygagging. It’s best to look for an app that’s able to run offline for those times when you travel out of network range.

2. A Voice Recorder

When your hands are on the wheel and your eyes on the road, it can be tough to jot down thoughts and ideas that you might have. This can be a problem, especially considering that many of us get some of our best ideas when driving. A few hours on the road gives you the perfect opportunity to think about your wants, needs, and goals.

It’s a good idea to have a voice recording device on hand when you’re traveling so that you’re able to store ideas before they slip your mind. You don’t have to waste time pulling over or risk an accident by taking focus away from the road. You can get a specialized recording device, or download an app for your phone where you can record and store voice files.

3. Video Conferencing Software

When traveling, it can be a challenge to keep up with other people, especially those in the professional sphere. While phone calls and emails might be able to get the job done in terms of communication, it can be difficult to conduct business via text and voice alone.

Clients, colleagues, and partners all like to put a face to the name when talking to other professionals. It’s a good idea to download video conferencing software for your phone, tablet, or laptop when on the road so that you can participate in work meetings from your car or hotel room. Just remember that others can see you, so it’s vital that you maintain a professional appearance when speaking.

You may want to keep a change of clothes or a suit jacket handy so that you can spruce up quickly when you receive a video call. For women, it’s a good idea to have hair styling tools at the ready as well.

4. Offline Office Document Software

Office document suites such as Google Docs or Microsoft Office are a valuable tool for productive individuals. Slide software allows you to create professional presentations, while word processing software allows you to record ideas and important information.

If you’re creating content to go online, you can send text documents to SEO services such as the Hook Agency to create a compelling piece. Spreadsheet software such as Excel can help you to record and analyze data points, making it easy to keep on top of areas such as finances.

When looking at office document suite options, try to find a program that works both online and offline. This way, you can still get things done when you’re in areas with no Internet or a poor connection.

5. A Virtual Storage Box

Just like every home needs a junk drawer, every phone should have a place to store important odds and ends that don’t really fit anywhere else. It’s a good idea to download a virtual storage box with plenty of space for random text, photos, voice files, and more.

Dropbox is a popular example, but there are plenty of other affordable services from which you can choose. Just make sure to keep everything well-labeled so that it’s easy to find in the future.

Though staying productive while traveling can be tough, it’s far from impossible. There are plenty of tools available that are designed to boost your productivity, both in your professional and your personal life.


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