Promotional Product Campaign made Easy in Just Five Steps!

Promotional Product Campaign made Easy in Just Five Steps!

Time and again, promotional products have proven to be an effective marketing strategy. Big brands consider them to be a significant part of the marketing mix, even when the company is on a tight budget. Promotional products are quite quintessential, especially during tough economic times. That’s when companies really need to take action. You just have to create that fun, enticing atmosphere, when people are winning something, they are taking back something, and half the task of brand recognition is done.

But all of this isn’t always as simple as it seems. Marketers need to have well-thought out and planned strategies regarding how to launch the campaigns involving the promotional products. They need to watch what they are spending, whom they are targeting, and how can they maximize the return on their investment. So, if you are looking to launch a successful marketing campaign involving corporate merchandise, Arcadia is just the place to get them from. They have a huge collection of trending, innovative, and classic promotional merchandise. And what more, they have products fitting all types of needs and budget.

  • Simple Steps of choosing a promotional product for your campaign:

Promotional products basically motivate people to take action. The right product offers the right incentive which might encourage the consumer to meet up with a sales representative, try a new product, or attend the brand’s events or campaigns. Companies take the help of the correct promotional products in UK and in the rest of the world to boost their sale figures. So, let’s see the simple five steps to success:

o   Define objective: This is the first step in your success ladder. You need to decide on the objective — what outcome you desire out of this campaign. You need to set a figure, such as maybe 20% increase in sales, so that you can track your success later on. Also, decide on whether the goal is branding oriented or strategic, so that you know for sure which product to promote.

o   Define budget: If the objective is to generate ‘X’ amount of money from the campaign, don’t go about investing more than a stipulated amount on the promotional products. Make sure to stick to the budget. This will ensure that you get at least double the return on your investment.

o   Target Audience: There are mostly three variables that one needs to consider while choosing the most relevant promotional product. The first among those is deciding which audience or clientele to target and its demographics. You should ask yourself the questions like how does this audience spend their time? What’s their work, on the desk or on the move? Which item would prove to be useful for them?  Or you could even go for products that are universally appealing to audiences.

o   The message: The next variable that one needs to consider is that what message is to be conveyed. The campaign involving these products should be conveying a message to the target audience. You need to decide that whether it will be the value proposition, or it’s supposed to showcase specific benefits for the audience.

o   The product: The last and final step is to find the correct promotional product. And the hardest part is giving this message conveyed a face of a product. An important tip is that you should make these promotional products a part of a strategic and integrated marketing plan in order to get significant results.

So, these were the key steps to any successful campaign. These will systematically help you select the best promotional product, and eventually boost your sale figures considerably. Give the customers the correct promotional product and they will be coming back to your brand.


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