A Guide and Idea to Plan a Bucks Party Boat Cruise in Sydney

A Guide and Idea to Plan a Bucks Party Boat Cruise in Sydney


Every man needs a buck’s party before he leaves the bachelors club. It is a night where for one last time you get to enjoy all the drinks, games, stripper dances and debauchery. These things will be frowned upon once you get married. Sydney provides the ultimate location for such a party, with numerous boats and an open ocean, there is no idea too complicated to be executed. Here are few guidelines and ideas as you plan for a bucks party.

Privacy and Exclusivity

A lot of things happen during a bucks party that you want to remain a secret. You require privacy without any fear of your escapades getting out to the public. Also, it should be an exclusive event where only close friends and relatives attend. You do not want gate crashers at your party who may very well ruin your night of freedom. Sydney has numerous packages for boat cruises for such parties. Only those on your guest list will be allowed to board the boat. The hostesses are bound to secrecy and will ensure that you and your friends have time to remember. The bucks party harbour cruises in Sydney have the best privacy and exclusivity policies.

Numerous Ideas and Packages

You and your mates probably have fun bucks party ideas on how your boat cruise should be. Apart from the drinking games, dancing and strippers, there are other ideas for a Sydney bucks party which sync well with your own. Some of the ideas include

• BBQ in the deep sea.

• Whiskey tasting with the best cigars

• Poker games

• Diving games if you and your lads are great swimmers

• Topless waitress service

• Boob cruise and nightclub

These are some of the things you can enjoy during your cruise, but there is always room for new ideas. The best ideas sometimes come to us when having fun, and a Sydney bucks cruise will be able to accommodate all of them. You also have the option of creating your custom package that includes choosing the boat, hostesses, and itinerary. To ensure you fully enjoy your day.

Party Planner

If the thought of organizing a bucks boat cruise seems too overwhelming, you can hire a party planner for your occasion. All you have to do is provide them with a guest list and what you expect and let them work their magic. Centrefold Bucks Cruises is one of the best party planners in Australia. Prepare to have your mind blown with what they come up with for your bucks cruise in Sydney!

Catering and Necessities

A Sydney bucks cruise is a time for you and your friends to relax have fun while all your needs and necessities get catered for by professional waitresses. Some of the packages that you pick for your bucks cruise ensure there is a caterer to satisfy your every whim. The classic and platinum packages, however, strive to give you whatever your mind concocts ensuring that you will have a party of the century.

What to Expect

During a bucks party boat cruise in Sydney, the service provider ensures that you will have a great time. Some of the things you should expect are 

• Private use of the boat.

• Unlimited drinks

• Privacy and exclusivity

• Dedicated crew and staff

• Scenic views from the harbour to the ocean

• Cruise entertainment

If you are looking for a memorable night when you and your lads celebrate a bucks party, look no further than a Sydney harbour boat cruise. They have years of experience organizing parties for people, so rest assured that you will get your money’s worth.


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