How to Pick the Right Flat Iron for Your Hair

How to Pick the Right Flat Iron for Your Hair

Let’s be honest. Choosing a new hair appliance can be a challenge. Well, sometimes it can be downright overwhelming. There are a ton of price points and options regarding hair appliances that it would be easy to just make a decision with your eyes closed. However, before you throw your hands up and refuse to buy a new hair appliance, we’re here to help.

Forget the Misconceptions

When it comes to styling your hair, there are some misconceptions about heat settings on a hair appliance. The truth is that you should always set the hot iron to the lowest heat setting on the appliance. A lower temperature is good because you can save your hair from the heat damage associated with hot irons.

Of course, you may need a higher heat setting. So, what do you do? The rule is that the more thick and textured your hair is, the more heat you’ll need to smooth it. This means that you if your hair is processed and you regularly use heat to style your hair, then you must take more time to care for your hair. It’s important to remind you to take some protective measures when straightening your hair. Avoid damaging your hair if it is dry by providing some extra care this winter.

Safety is Always First when Styling Your Hair

It’s no secret. It’s happened to all of us. You’re driving or sitting at your desk and the thought occurs to you. Did you forget to turn off your hot iron? You sigh because you remember that little, but important feature called an “automatic shut-off.” Many hot irons will shut off on their own when they are left on too long. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to turn the hot iron off. Safety first. Shut off the hot iron to prevent a fire from occurring.

Details, Details and More Details

A major factor in buying any hair appliance is the number of features it has. There are many features on a hot iron. These features vary by models and manufacturer. For example, temperature settings and where they are located are important features. Temperature controls are located on the inside of the hot iron instead on the outer edge. This prevents you from actually turning the hot iron off when smoothing out your hair.

Other types of features include a chord that swivels. This means that you can move the hot iron more freely as you smooth out your hair. This helps you smooth your hair faster and better. Some hot irons have a felt mat to keep the iron from burning the table. Also, some manufacturers include a traveling case. These are some little features that may not seem like a huge deal. However, they go a long way in giving you a better hair styling experience.


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