Why Team Building is an Important Part of Being a Business

Why Team Building is an Important Part of Being a Business

Chances are you are running a successful business. Clients are happy. Stakeholders are happy. But your team? They could do with a little encouragement maybe. If you haven’t considered how team building can contribute to your business in a meaningful way, then you may be overlooking an opportunity for business growth. Find out why team building is an important part of being a business.

It creates empathy

Empathy is not something you learn at university or read about in a book. It is a feeling and connection you have with a person or a team. So, why is empathy an attribute that you should be striving for with your team. An empathetic team is one that will be flexible and understanding of your business, as well as their fellow workmates. The team building activities at Latitude in Melbourne are designed to instill trust and connection among your team. You are more likely to support and work together with Sue who you have a respect and connection with, instead of ‘that woman in Accounts’.

There is commercial benefit

If you find you have a one-track mind that starts and ends with revenue – listen up. Investing in team building has enormous commercial benefit to your business. If you are not engaged in your role or the business you work within, staying back that extra half an hour to finish a project may not happen. And when you are trying to close that client, maybe you don’t push the business values that hard. As Richard Branson so eloquently puts it, ‘If you look after your staff, they will look after your customers. It is that simple.’ Next time you opt to put off another request for team building, think about how you want your staff to feel about your business and each other, and what impression they impart on your customers, clients and stakeholders.

It promotes retention

How do your retention statistics measure up? Be honest. Are you finding that all too often you are skilling up a team member, only for them to leave within six months? It can be pretty deflated, not to mention sending a bad message to your internal team and industry. Your team will be less likely to look around for another role and employee retention will be more attainable if they have exciting team building activities in the calendar with a team they are growing and bonding with regularly. Modern day offices offer so many perks from bean bags and slide-access right through to flexi hours. If you have limited control over the design of your office and the working arrangements of your staff, use team building as your point of difference and drawcard for your existing and future staff.

It breaks the tension

Ok, how many times have you attended a knock-off drinks on a Friday afternoon and left feeling excited about the weekend and out of the funk that you were in? team building works to aid those feelings of stress and resentment, and leave a lasting feeling of fun and frivolity. Show your team that while business is important, them having fun is a key priority for you. When they start having fun off the clock, they will bring these sentiments to the office day in and day out. This also takes the pressure of you, as manager, to be an ‘always on’ director and gives you the chance to show a different side of yourself.

Team building has the potential to have an enormous positive affect on your business. Take your team out for an activity or event, and watch their comradery grow with your business. The commercial benefits will come from an engaged team that stay invested and working for your business longer.


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