Why You Need to Check Out the Latest Water Sports

Why You Need to Check Out the Latest Water Sports

There are some things that we want to do yet we never get around to. Think of all the times your friends have indulged in some form of extreme or exciting sport, and you’ve thought ‘I’d like to have a go at that’ but never given it a second thought. We all do it, it’s in our nature and we are tied up with busy lives and other problems that get in the way – money, of course, being one – and those little enjoyable things we’d like to have a go at simply get brushed away.

Take water sports; there are many you can indulge in such as canoeing, yachting, surfing, swimming and even fishing at sea, and all have their benefits, too. There’s some great exercise to be had from swimming – it is good for more muscles than you might know you have – and there are many benefits to canoeing, which is also great fun. Fishing is for some people, but not for others, and what about surfing? Surfing is a sport that is not for everyone, and can only be enjoyed in certain places where the conditions are right, but there is another way to enjoy time on the water: it’s the Stand Up Paddleboard or SUP, and it is rapidly becoming very popular indeed.

What’s it All About?

An offshoot of surfing paddleboards differ in that rather than ride the waves, the user paddles through the water while standing up. Of course, it takes some practice, but it’s a lot easier than traditional surfing, and gives you a great way to get out on the water! What is a stand up paddleboard? An SUP can come in many different styles; some are solid boards made from a variety of materials, others are hollow for lighter weight, and the increasingly popular version is the inflatable paddleboard which is highly convenient, and surprisingly affordable.

What can you do with an SUP? Quite a lot as it happens! We’ll start by saying that these clever and easy to get used to devices can be used on any form of watercourse. You can paddle on a river – although beware of those that are fast-flowing – or a lake, which is one of the most popular choices as they tend to be still. You can use them on the sea, and you can do plenty with them. What’s more, all the family can enjoy this fun and exciting pastime, and it is a great way of getting to see the landscape from a different view.

Touring, Fishing and Yoga

You might wonder what we mean by this title, but all of those pursuits – and more – can be done on an SUP. You can get on your board and have a look around the water you are on. You can take a fishing rod out into a lake or river on your paddleboard, and get a greater reach. And many people find performing yoga in a peaceful spot out on the water to be the perfect way to do it. There are many SUP for beginners that will be perfectly suitable if you are not experienced, and at great prices.

This is a fast-growing leisure pursuit that can also have health benefits. After all, getting out in the fresh air is always good for you – and for your mind, which can unwind in a gentle way when you are paddling on still waters without a care in the world – and it gives you the chance to explore some very beautiful places, and get to parts that you couldn’t reach by boat or by swimming.

If an SUP sounds like a great idea – and we assure you it really is the best fun you will have in a long time – then make sure you check them out some more, as you will not be disappointed!


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