9 Essential Clothing Items Your New Baby Needs

9 Essential Clothing Items Your New Baby Needs

Nothing is cuter than tiny baby clothes. But besides cute, you want your baby’s first clothes to be two other things: comfortable (for the baby) and convenient (for you).

Here are the 9 essential clothing items you’ll need for your new little one that keep things simple while also enhancing his or her cuteness.

1. Bodysuits

Newborns spend their days snuggling and sleeping. Having several bodysuits (4-8) in a soft cotton fabric in various solid colors simplifies dressing and will match most of your other baby clothes. Snap-crotch bodysuits are the most common, but many parents prefer side snap onesies or bodysuits because you don’t have to worry about pulling them on and over your baby’s sensitive head multiple times a day.

2. Shirt and Pants Sets

Two reasons you want a few of these sets: they come in the most adorable prints and patterns and they make diaper changes a cinch. From stripes and animals to fun sayings to footed, cuffed or open at the feet, there are numerous styles to choose from. Plus, there aren’t any snaps, buttons or zippers to worry about. You just slide the pants down, change the diaper and pull the pants back up.

3. One-piece Outfits

A handful of one-piece outfits, like rompers or baby coveralls that snap or zip, are effortless and versatile; not to mention they mean fewer lost socks.

4. Pajamas

Your newborn will sleep a ton her first few weeks of life, so you can’t live without comfortable and cute footed sleepers (4-5) to keep your baby warm and cozy while she sleeps. And for nighttime convenience, get some sleeping gowns (3-4) as well. Whether you choose the knotted ones or ones with an elastic waistband, they make late night diaper changes way easier to do at 3 a.m. when you’re half asleep.

5. No-scratch Mittens

Although small, baby’s nails can be sharp. No-scratch mittens are designed to help prevent infants from unintentionally scratching themselves. They come with elastic wristbands to help hold them in place, but if your smart baby manages to wriggle them off, you can also get long sleeve bodysuits or shirts that fold over the hands.

6. Socks and Booties

Keep his little feet warm with socks or booties, even if you have a summer baby. Some moms prefer booties because you can buy ones that snap or tie around the ankles to stay over his feet, while others use socks at home and booties for going out.

7. Hats

A baby’s body heat escapes through her feet and head, so you’ll want 2-3 hats or caps for her. If you have a summer baby, get a brimmed hat so she’s safely shielded from the sun. If you’re having a baby during colder months, be sure to have an infant stocking hat or beanie. Baby knot hats are the perfect all-seasons option. They’re also perfect for bringing your newborn home from the hospital in.

8. Bibs

Whether you plan to nurse or bottle feed, expect lots of milk dribbles and spit up. Save yourself from more than necessary outfit changes by using bibs. And buy them in bulk. You won’t regret this purchase at all, even if you buy 10 or more of them.

9. Sleep Sack

Newborns can be really fussy, and they don’t have control of their arms or hands. Wrapping your baby in a sleep sack with his arms safely and tightly at his sides will keep him from squirming and hitting himself in the face and waking up from a good sleep. Being tightly swaddled like this soothes most babies. Velcro sleep sacks are the most convenient for groggy first-time parents.


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