What to Wear to Your Friend’s Graduation Without Stealing their Thunder

What to Wear to Your Friend’s Graduation Without Stealing their Thunder

Graduation is one of the most exciting days of the entire university experience. The culmination of years of hard work has finally paid off, and the grad gets to strut their stuff and hold their head up high to say “I made it!”

Any good friend would be sitting in the crowd and cheering the grad on as they glide across the stage to receive their degree. Graduation is a momentous occasion and you can bet your bottom dollar that the grad is rocking their best outfit under that cap and gown. While you should also be dressed accordingly, your goal should be to look fabulous but not so much that you upstage the graduate.

This might seem like a minefield, especially if you are a fashionista who is used to dressing up like a hollywood star, but it is possible to strike a balance. The best graduation dresses are glam but classy. Save the low neckline for the club and focus on a strong silhouette. Full skirts, long sleeves, modern silhouettes, and metallic minis are all great choices that have a celebrity following. Here are a few tips to help you dress for your friend’s graduation without upstaging them.


Whether you opt for a chic, hip skimming shift dress or a fit and flare full skirt reminiscent of the bombshells of the 1950’s and 60’s, creating clean, flattering lines is a strong foundation for any outfit. Make sure to keep it simple and keep the neckline at a respectable level. You don’t want to be showing your bestie’s grandma more than she bargained for!

Sleeve to Hem Ratio

One simple rule to help keep it classy but sassy is to adjust your sleeve length to balance your hemline. If you want to show off those pins then go for a long, maybe a ¾ length sleeve. Likewise if you want to rock a cute cap sleeve or go totally sleeveless, opt for a knee-length to midi hemline.


Even the simplest of dresses can be taken from drab to fab with the right fabric or textures. A crinkle effect crepe could breathe new life to a minimal A-Line dress, and a beaded embellishment could add the wow factor to a peter-pan collared shirt dress.


Much like in the early days of modern fashion, back when Dior was wowing the world with his “New Look,” the world is very much your oyster when it comes to color. The right shade of your chosen hue can make an otherwise understated outfit, positively pop! A simple maxi dress in a Millenial Pink or a classic swing dress in an on-trend Sky Blue will offer just the right amount of stunner as you pose with your gowned girl on her big day.


No outfit is complete without an amazing pair of shoes. Just because you’re not the star in this feature, does not mean you can’t saunter in some serious power pumps! Just be sure to match up your shoes to your plans. Those 5-inch stilettos may look killer, but if you’re running around a graduation party straight after in them, they may be killing you! Opt for a sleek looking wedge heel or some strappy midi heels for a glitzy feel that won’t have you crying out for your slippers.

Your bestie just conquered university, so it’s time to celebrate her and her incredible achievements!


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