A History of Dog Domestication and CBD for Dogs

A History of Dog Domestication and CBD for Dogs

Humans have always been programmed for companionship. Ever since the dawn of time, people needed for someone or something to always be there. Some might say that it is easier to survive alone, but still we find anything that can keep us company. In the earlier period, humans were thought to only find companionship with other humans. Animals were a source of food and possibly a danger to the life of humans. However as we developed our cognitive processes, we also thought of domesticating some of these animals. Domestication is the process of taming animals for humans to interact with them safely. Before, this was a risky process since most of the animals were considered wild. They had the tendency to fight humans and would also be a competitor for resources. The earliest humans have realized though that some of these animals were better for food and some to be used as a help for other activities like gardening and hunting. They had a lot of abilities that humans do not have like extrasensory capabilities, sharper claws, thicker hide, and flight and so on. This has led to humans integrating these animals to society.

There are many animals that were domesticated during the ancient times. Buffalos and other oxen were primarily used for agriculture. Horses were bred for competitions and travel purposes.  Sheep were more prized for their wool. Cows were mostly kept for their meat and milk. In South America, alpacas served all of these and more. On the other hand, Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia revered the cats and the gracefulness which attracted the nobility. (For more information about the cats of Egypt, click here.) It did not even stop many people to try and domesticate other more dangerous animals like lions, tigers, bears and even reptiles. However, nothing ever comes close to man’s best friend, the dog.

In fact, it was said that the dog or Canis lupus familiaris was the first animal to be fully domesticated. How is this even possible? Come to think of it, a dog’s milk cannot be consumed by humans. Their meat is also questionable. Their origins, the wolf, are one of the most feared animals in the animal kingdom. However, they have something not all animals have: the sense of “pack”. As the wolves always go in packs to ease their hunting and improve the strength and security of the group, so is the nearly symbiotic relationship of the dog and human. As the dog protects the human and helps him in everyday life, the human will also protect, nurture and feed the dog to continue their relationship. It is usually said that the humans did not integrate the dog into the community; it is the dog who accepted the human to the pack.

There are many breeds of dogs that exist, and even then there are many other subclasses or breeds or even mixed breeds. The Federation Cynologique Internationale or the World Canine Organization recognizes 10 groups of breeds and each of these have their own classification. Take note, however, that some species are not recognized because of their rarity or their apparent extinction.

A History of Dog Domestication and CBD for Dogs

As we all know, each dog needs to have proper care and nutrition so that it would be loyal to the human. Dogs also need regular exercise so that they will not develop any musculoskeletal problems like atrophy. Also, there are product that will help your dogs if they have any physical or even behavioral problems. You might think that cannabis or medical marijuana is only for humans, but there is also something for dogs. It does not affect dogs in the same way that humans do, but CBD for dogs was apparently helping them in their anxiety and/or pain. Be very careful though, as too much CBD can be harmful to your pet. For more information you can visit sites like https://cannabissupplementsforpets.com/ for more information.

Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend. Therefore, we should take care of them like they are a part of the family. Dogs are actually proven to have sympathy to humans and can detect emotions like fear, love and excitement. Research also says that dogs improve a human’s mood and can help people who are suffering from trauma. Dogs give an unconditional love no other animal can possibly provide, and their unwavering loyalty is a testament to their almost heroic tendencies. As the popular meme says, we do not deserve dogs.


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