3 Things you should know about Ice Melt Product Dangers for Pets

3 Things you should know about Ice Melt Product Dangers for Pets

Winter is a great time people, especially for pet owners! There are lots of fun activities to do with your dog, from going sledding and just playing around in the snow. But you also need to take precautions as ice can be dangerous and slippery.  Your driveways may become too slippery for both humans and animals alike. This is when ice melts are very useful. But take note that ice melts can prove to be dangerous, both for kids and your pets. Here are some things you should know about Ice Melt products and the danger they pose for your pets.

  1. There is no 100% pet-friendly ice melt – the first thing that you should know is that there is no guarantee that an ice melt is 100% pet-friendly. The truth there are just some that are safer than others. You can read the label and watch for ingredients that are not safe for your dogs or to make it easier for you, you can check these dog-friendly ice melters if you are looking for which products you can buy. The important thing with ice melters is that you keep in a sealed and safe place away from children and pets when not in use. And then when it is time to use them, make sure that you follow all the instructions when using the ice melts.

  1. They have ingredients that are unsafe for dogs – ice melts are also known as rock salts, and while salts make up some of the ingredients, they are not all that is included in the ice melt. If you are at the store and you are looking for what ice melts to buy, make sure to look out for the following chemicals: calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and potassium chloride. It’s better to steer clear of products with the ingredients as they can prove harmful to your pets. The salt in these products can cause irritation to your dog’s paws when it gets to it. This may happen when you take a walk outside and there is still some salt residue after the ice has melted.

  1. You can also take other precautions to make your dogs safer – you may be asking what makes ice melters so bad and dangerous. Aside from the irritation that can happen to your dog’s paws, a more dangerous thing to watch out for is when they lick their paws to try to relieve the irritation. The ice melt is more dangerous when it is ingested. Mild cases can just cause discomfort in the gastrointestinal system, but if it gets worse, there will also be vomiting, even seizures, and it may become fatal. While you can choose a pet-friendly ice melt for around your house, it’s a different story for other places. You can practice safety precautions by always wiping your dog’s paws before going inside the house. You may also have them wear dog booties so there is less chance of the salt getting into their paws.


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