When do you need external help to care for your parents?

When do you need external help to care for your parents?

Have you ever faced situations like these…

  • You have visited your mom during your holidays and her refrigerator is nearly empty. The house in disarray and the bills remain unpaid.
  • You get a call from your neighbor with news that he found your father wandering in the street, unable to find his home.
  • Your mom hasn’t been taking her diabetes medications properly, which has severely compromised her health.
  • Your dad has been admitted to the hospital with a broken hip that was caused by a fall. Now it is impossible for him to move around in the home that he lived in all these years.

Not everyone can take care of their aging parents, giving them all the love and care that they need 24/7. When there is a decline in their cognitive abilities due to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, you will want to find senior living centers that can give them the care that they need, in a safer environment.

It is quite natural for everyone to be concerned about their parents’ welfare. But having them move into your home may not always be a good option – for you or for them.

Putting your parents into an assisted living facility against their wishes would be the gravest mistake you would be doing, irrespective of your intentions. A lot of such issues may be sorted through proper communication. Have a meeting with your parents and family members and discuss your options. Here are a few things you may have to focus on:

The different residential options

You may come across different options when you try and find respite care for your parents. Some of these include independent living facilities, retirement communities, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing care, and program for all-inclusive care.

The level of care

Consult a geriatric care specialist to find out the level of care that you need to provide for your parents. Here are a few questions you may have to ask yourself before deciding if you need to provide external help:

How many of the daily living activities they may need help with and how comfortable you are in helping them with these?

Are they mobile enough to move around and travel distances?

Are there any medications to be administered?

Do they need constant care / supervision?

What are the changes you can expect in their condition as they age?

The finances required

One of the most important things to keep in mind while deciding on the living options for your parents is the amount that you have to spend on their care. Compare the rents that these places charge and see what suits your budget. If it is more than you can afford, work out a plan where other family members can contribute.

The location of the new home

If you are to put your parents in a senior living home, whether it is a memory care home or an assisted living facility, you may want to visit them often. Find out how far the place is from your home. Also see if the neighborhood is safe and secure enough for your parents to live without any worries. You may even want to check the crime rate in the area.

Discuss all your options with your family members, get each one of them to share their views and see what best you can do to provide good care to your parents.  Make sure your parents know you will be there for them, come what may.


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