Why the New iPhone Models Are the Best Investment to Make Right Now

Why the New iPhone Models Are the Best Investment to Make Right Now


September can mean a lot of things. It can designate the beginning of fall, the end of hurricane season, or the commencement of a new school year. For Apple customers, it’s an entirely different form of commencement!

This is because September is when Apple announces their new iPhone models for the year. For 2018, these models include the iPhone XS, the XS MAX, and the much anticipated iPhone XR.

Whether you’re a loyal Apple customer or you’re just curious about the new merchandise, here are a few reasons why the new iPhone models are the best investment to make right now!

The New Models Are Incredibly Durable

The iPhone XS is perfect for those with cracked screen woes! This is because it is lauded as the most durable model in recent years. Fitted with Corning’s Gorilla Glass 6, the screen is nearly impervious to damage. If you find yourself incurring mountains of screen replacement costs, then these new models might be a smart investment.

Despite its durability, not all drops can be saved by strong glass! If you are the type of person who is prone to phone drops, you might want to think about investing in a case. There are thousands of providers out there who can help you better protect your phone. For example, you can purchase fashionable and protective cases from getcasely.com.

The Camera Quality is Unparalleled

If you need a phone that will take quality photos with the highest technology, the new models are a great investment. They feature the same breathtaking technology of the past and use cutting-edge advancements to improve upon it.

The XS has a 12-megapixel camera, making it perfect for capturing a well-composed selfie. With an improved HDR mode and bigger sensors, the XS can make you a master photographer — without having to spend thousands on photography lessons!

Unlock Your Phone with only a Glance

When Apple first unveiled Face ID, the concept almost seemed too good to be true. How could one unlock their phone by simply looking at it? This system was revolutionary when it was unveiled a year ago, and it has only gotten better!

The new models tout a much faster and more efficient Face ID system. You can unlock your phone with the ease and time that it would take to use your finger. If you’re aiming to improve your privacy settings, what better way than to go with a security system that cannot be fooled?

The Processing Speed is Amazingly Fast

How many times have you pulled up a funny YouTube video and, as soon as it gets to the punchline, the video begins buffering? Or you need to send a time-sensitive email, but your phone is operating at a glacial pace?

If you’ve found yourself in these situations, it may be time for an upgrade. The iPhone XS holds a faster gigabit LTE, which means the downloading speed is much more expedient than older models. With speeds as high as 250 Mbps, the iPhone may even be faster than some of your home internet devices!

Super Resistant to Weathering

The newer models are more water and dust resistant than previous iterations. Apple knows that sometimes accidents happen; one spilled glass of water—or precariously placed selfie—shouldn’t destroy your phone’s life.

This is why the newer models are water safe and spill resistant. The iPhone XS can remain water safe for up to 30 minutes of immersion. This means, should you accidentally drop your phone in liquid, all is not lost!

Better Battery Life

One of the biggest draws to the newer iPhone models is their battery expectancy. While older phones are prone to early battery death, the new models are prepared to step up the game.

The iPhone XR will have the longest battery life of any aforementioned model. It will beat the iPhone 8 Plus by 90 minutes. The 8 Plus is known to have a battery life of nearly 12 hours. The XR will top that with 13 and a half hours of battery life! Meaning you will have the time to focus on the things that matter instead of worrying about whether your battery will make it through the day.


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