The Top Most Expensive Private Jets in the World Right Now

The Top Most Expensive Private Jets in the World Right Now

Which Are the Most Expensive Private Jets?

Those who are super wealthy don’t stand in queues at airports and sit next to other people during a flight; rather they travel in comfort and style on board their own private jets.

Private jets were once small planes that were designed to carry a few passengers. Today, several private jets are even bigger than commercial planes and are offering speed, convenience and luxury to those who are fortunate enough to afford them.

All private jets are impressive and expensive, but there a few that are more luxurious than the rest. So, we have assembled a list of most expensive private jets in the world.

1.     Airbus A380

The world’s most expensive and biggest private jet is the Airbus A380 that was bought by a Saudi prince, Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud. The prince paid $500 million for the jet. The Airbus A380’s commercial version is capable of carrying 800 passengers while the private version is like a floating palace.  Some of the luxuries of this private jet include a lift connecting three floors, spiral staircase, four VIP suites, prayer room featuring electronic mats, which turn towards Mecca automatically, Turkish bath and parking space for the luxurious Rolls Royce of the prince.

2.     Boeing 747-8

Boeing 747-8 is the yacht of the sky. The starting price of this ultra luxurious private jet is $367 million. The owner of the jet is not known, but its luxuries aren’t hidden from anyone. The layout includes a stateroom, multiple lounges, an office, a huge conference room and a dining room. All the fittings of the plane are custom designed and built in house from top quality manufacturers.

3.     Airbus A340-300

One of Russia’s richest businessmen, Alisher Usmanov, owns the Airbus A340-300 whose price is over $260 million. The commercial version of Airbus A340-300 is capable of carrying over 300 passengers. The Airbus A340-300 has been named ‘Bourkhan’ after Usmanov’s father and employs four powerful engines. The interesting fact about the Airbus A340-300 is that it is the largest private plane in Russia.

4.     Boeing 747-430

The original price of the Boeing 747-430 was $100 million and the owner, Sultan of Brunei, spent at least $130 million more to update the jet’s interior. The living room, bedroom, and bathroom of the private jet are decorated with crystal and gold and washbasins are made out of solid gold.

5.     Boeing 747-400

Boeing 747-400 is another plane that Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal owns. The price tag of this private jet is $220 million. The plane was brought by the prince in 2003. The interior of the plane includes two luxurious bedrooms and a dining table. In the middle of this private jet, there’s a throne that perhaps reminds Al-Waleed of his palace while flying.

6.     Boeing 767-33A/ER

Chelsea’s owner Roman Abramovich owns the Boeing 767-33A/ER. This plane was originally made to carry 300 passengers. The interior of the plane is decorated with gold and it is reported to feature a dining room for about 30 people. Click VIP Jets reports that the Boeing 767-33A features an anti-missile system for additional security.

7.     Boeing 747-81 VIP

The real estate tycoon of Hong Kong, Joseph Lau, owns the Boeing 747-81 VIP. This plane is also called the ‘Dreamliner’ and features exclusive designs with state-of-the-art technology to ensure luxurious flight experience. Interior luxuries of this private jet include video displays, vaulted ceilings and spiral staircases.

8.     Gulfstream III

The Gulfstream III is a magnificent private jet owned by Tyler Perry. The cost of the jet is about $125 million. The Gulfstream III has been fully customized by Perry and features a configuration similar to a flying theatre with a 42-inch HD screen, Blu-ray players, satellite TV and theatre lightning. Entertainment is guaranteed for anyone who is lucky enough to travel with Perry on board the Gulfstream III.

9.     Boeing 757

The Boeing 757 is owned by the American President Donald Trump and the price of this private jet is $100 million. Trump bought this used private jet from the co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen, and has made several customizations to the interior and outside of the plane. The interior features a master bedroom, home-theatre system and a television room with a 52 inch flatscreen TV.


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