How to choose the best vending machine

How to choose the best vending machine

When you go in for buying a vending machine for your company you have to be careful about certain things. Well, sometimes a deal that sounds too good to be true may not be at all. Also not every machine might fit your business needs in the best way. There are plenty of ads that tell a lot about product descriptions, but before you go in for making that final choice you should have a look at the following things:

Your purpose and need

Before you make that investment, you must be sure about your requirements and why you want to buy that machine. You should consider your employee size and their needs thereof before making choices. If you truly feel it’s a worthy idea for your business, you should go and buy one for your office.

If you want to open a vending machine business, then your needs would be bigger, and the scale of investment would be higher.

Size of the machine

There are generally two types of vending machines the mechanised ones and the electronic. Most of the machines have become electronic these days. But the mechanical ones are more reliable and less expensive in comparison to the electronic ones. However, they might be a mental headache in the long run. So consider the needs of your business before going with the right one.

The price factor

Most expensive machines serve the same purpose as a moderately priced one. You need to decide your budget first. More expensive machines will come with additional features which you might never be able to use. At the same time, you must also remember that expensive is not always the best.

You should make a conscious choice and look for whether the machine you are buying is a value for money investment.


One aspect you should never forget before buying is that the machine should be easy to use. Often machines loaded with a lot of buttons are complicated and make the user frustrated. A simple design with an easy to read interface should be your choice.

Look for different brands

Browse through all the brands and the features they provide with the product. Some companies provide you coffee refill as part of their product. Lookout for those companies will help you save on a lot of money. While there are companies that charge you for other things. Make a cross-comparison of all the brands before you go for your final purchase.

Look for common questions

When get down buying a vending machine you should be ready with the list of common problems that users normally face in the everyday operation of these machines. Look out for those problems and check whether that could be a problem with your product. If the machine uses electricity to make sure all the electrical components function well and its performance is not compromised in any way. Look for common problems that the machine could have like temperamental switches, Exterior or interior damage. Since shipping can lead to small regular damage to your machine.

Add on features

If you need refrigeration in your vending machine, then consider getting one which has one of those features. If you need special features then ensure that the vending machine could be customised for your business. Professional companies like Exact vending could take care of your job more efficiently as they have the widest range of options to suit your business.

Whether you need a vending machine for your office or for your business, you have to make sure you make a planned and well-researched decision. These tips will help you guide through the buying process and help you make the best use of your money.


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