Autonomous Smartdesk Review – How to choose the best standing desk for your workplace

Autonomous Smartdesk Review - How to choose the best standing desk for your workplace

Adjustable desks are arguably the current fad in many offices and homes today. This was very well prompted after the detrimental effect of sitting all day long in an office chair was discovered and made known. Back pain which has been a common bane of many workplaces in this century have been found at the core of many health related issues today. Hence, adjustable sit-stand desks have been found of ergonomic importance and a modern solution to the problem of back pain and other related health issues. It has proven very effective over the years and it as such a common tool associated with many workplaces. It is important to know that these desks are mainly of two types which are the stand-alone types and those that feature a monitor riser which allows for switching a standing desk to a sit-stand desk type. While you have to do the switching manually for some desks, some do so themselves through an in-built motor.

Furthermore, as the need for having fully functional adjustable sit-stand desks gets heightened every day, modern innovations are therefore being channeled into developing more sophisticated desks every day in a bid to perfectly tailor them into our daily life and workstyles. As such, the Autonomous smart desks are the modern tools which perfectly describes the scenario of how remarkable that technology has come to affect our offices and workstations for good.

The innovation of smartdesk has been an incomparable and no alternative innovation in the workplace and homes providing and ensuring a healthy atmosphere for individuals according to their different working environment conditions. The smartdesks which are widely available for children and adults have been living up to its popularity.

Autonomous Smartdesk is a fast developing, growing brand in the world of smartdesk business. The smartdesk producing brand has been proving to users over the years that they understand exactly what individuals whose work is highly sedentary need to work productively and optimally. The Autonomous Company features three modern adjustable desks which are the SmartDesk 2 – Home edition, SmartDesks 2 –Business edition, and the SmartDesk 3. These amazing tech innovations in addition to being of ergonomic benefits have been built to bring taste and all shades of awesomeness to every workstation. These desks have been reviewed below.


It is renowned as the first product to be offered by the famous brand which started in 2015. Autonomous presents a Smartdesk 2- Home edition which is basically designed in response to the need for technology equipment to achieve a healthy work style both at the office and at home.  This home edition standing desk has its uniqueness which has been tailored to its features so as to offer a high level of efficiency and provide workers with a modern tool to achieve a healthy lifestyle at workplaces. It is a perfect example of what can be termed affordable and efficient when talking about smartdesks. It comes in a very cheap pricing plan and at low shipping rate to your doorstep. Smartdesk 2- Home edition is one type of an electric desk which has a lot of superb and interesting features designed to offer the best ergonomic and combat the problems that may arise from a sedentary work style.

The clean-styled desk which is fully adjustable allows users to move in any direction without leaving strain on any part of the body. Even though it is incredibly lightweight, it is also very strong and can hold up to 220 lbs.

Another unique thing about the desk is its fascinating structure and comfortable sloped edges. It has an outstanding design which comes in different surface material type including wood, walnut, oak, and bamboo, and at different colors which including white. Smart desk 2-Home edition features a 52-inches solid wood top which is very spacious to hold a big screen monitor. It is very durable and is not easily scratched or stained.

In addition, it comes with Four Height Presets feature which is about the most amazing technology highlight on this home edition. This feature is of course pivotal to providing users a suitable ergonomic height. It features a height adjustment control by the right side of the desk with which you can electronically adjust the height of the desk and switch between sitting and standing positions. The height range is within 29-47 inches which is really best enough for an ideal standing desk. The height control technology feature offers users with four height presets with which you can save four different height positions. This allows you to switch between this positions electronically and faster at the press of these buttons. The different height adjustment makes it a perfect pick for a workstation and also a good fit for the family as you and your kids can enjoy trying different height positions.

Another enthralling highlight of the Smartdesk 2-Home edition is the telescoping base, the SD2’s base and the telescoping stand which is made of a lightweight -gauge steel construction. Its lightweight feature promotes confidence along with excellent stability. In fact, there’s nothing about this desk that isn’t built with industrial strength. It is about the cheapest adjustable standing desk you would get out there. One of the first benefits you will enjoy buying this desk is the ease of assembling and setting it up. It comes with a user manual in case you have and difficulty in the setup process. The desk is not too heavy and moving it from a location to another can be done easily without any hassle. However, it comes only in one desktop size at about 53 x 30 and does not offer an overload protection. Other than that, it is the perfect fit for every workplace and a good way to start on your journey of having a healthy work style.


Autonomous Smartdesk Review - How to choose the best standing desk for your workplace white business

In a bid to provide solutions to series of problems faced by users of the Smartdesk 2-Home edition and to offer a more efficient smartdesk, Autonomous presents the Smartdesk 2-Business edition which is an upgrade of the Home edition. It is designed to cater for a sedentary lifestyle allowing users to enjoy comfortable sitting and standing in their working environment.

Designed in response to ensuring an exquisite office-home experience and to provide users with solutions faced from the home edition and other standing desks. This adjustable desk offers users an improved feature which is absent in the home edition for an excellent performance.

The Smartdesk 2 Business Edition comes with a lifting capacity of 300 lbs coupled with various breathtaking fascinating features such as a dual-motor, dual-stage upgrade, and a crossbar. The dual-stage lifting columns work by expanding the height adjustment. The height adjustment ranges from a low of 24 to a high of 51 but a little shakiness is often observed at 40.

The upgraded dual motors are also observed to often blaze speedily at 2.1 inches-per-second which is way more than what can be experienced on home editions. The desk’s controller is an upgraded feature that is unique to the smartdesk business edition which is an overload protection that provides extra support to power the dual synchronized motors.

Talking about what exactly makes this sit-stand desk spectacular in the market of smartdesks, the crossbar is an additional feature that distinguishes the Smartdesk business edition from the home edition. The adjustable-width crossbar offers users with a larger desktop size in addition to the 53 by 30 top which is a 70 by 30 extra-large top. It comes just in the same four colors as the Smartdesk 2-Home edition plus bamboo upgrade option as the smaller top.

Apart from selling for an extra $100 higher than the pricing plan of the home edition the Smartdesk 2-Business edition is a lot more stable than the Home Edition and it offers users the worth of this added cost. It also comes with a digital hand controller with four programmable height presets, this controller can be programmed to allow “one-touch” height changes. It is a nice option you won’t regret using in your office. One of the pros of buying this desk is that it is simple to assemble just like the home edition. It also comes with a user guide which is very easy to follow and understand. It is definitely the best choice you can make for yourself when it comes to buying an adjustable standing desk.


Have you ever wondered what a great level of delight it is to bring your whole office lifestyle into your home or have you ever thought of having a technological tool that will tell you when to eat, drink or relax from a stressful work? Well, the reality of your dream is here.

The announcement of Smartdesk 3 – AI by Autonomous shook the entire market of smartdesks. It is undoubtedly an unbelievable dream come true for many users. Smart desk 3Ai is a fascinating piece of artwork that makes available for users a working environment that is versatile and responsive to immediate needs. It helps you to work smarter and more productive.

The SmartDesk-3Ai which is available for purchase on the Autonomous website comes at a worthwhile affordable pricing plan. It has a built-in touchscreen, comes with a height setting which ranges from 24″ to 50″, a lifting capacity up to 300 lbs of weight and an integrated AI software. The desk syncs with Google calendar and this helps it to learn your birthdays, anniversary, appointments and every other thing connected with that calendar. It also uses the Google calendar to fix a time for you to recharge.

With the base made of industrial-grade steel, the smartdesk surface is made of a long-lasting combination of a medium density fiberboard and a scratch-resistant veneer. It is known to be physically similar to numerous motorized sit-to-stand desks in the market and it uses electronic controls to raise or lower the desktop for the purpose of accommodating users when they are sitting or standing up. It also comes in different colors.

In response to keeping up with its pride as the world’s most powerful AI-powered standing desk in the market and also offering futuristic solutions to a sedentary lifestyle, frequent office issues and so on, this smartdesk was manufactured with clearly incomparable distinguishing features. The feature incorporated in the smartdesk is a fully integrated touchscreen display which is powered by Autonomous’ Smart Office AI. This is a spectacular feature that cannot be found in any other Autonomous smartdesk.

The embedded tablet has a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities to interact with you and also your mobile apps. Your Smartdesk 3Ai provides you enthralling features that encourage you to stand, remind you to drink water, order for food, check the weather forecast, remind you of meetings you have throughout the day and even request a ride from Uber with the use of its many available shortcuts.

In a bid to prioritize an office health, this smart desk monitors how long you have been sitting or standing up and encourage you to stretch your legs or take a quick break to relax. Another incomparable quality is the ability of the Ai to learn your frequent habits, for instance, it takes note of when you usually get hungry, thirsty or stressed out and it begins to anticipate your needs. You can rest assured of fulfilling your daily routines without stress. It is very lightweight and can be moved easily from one place to another. It has a lifting capacity of 300 and is strong enough to last through a long period of use. This smartdesk is arguably the modern technological tool for keeping your mind fixed on prioritizing ergonomics and achieving a healthy work style.

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Undoubtedly, the advancement in technology has proven how inevitable it is in our daily activities. The rise of these smartdesks is in response to the major challenges faced by employees and individuals who practice a sedentary workstyle on how to sustain a healthy lifestyle at home and at various workplaces. A perfect integration of these desks into the home and workstations provides all you need to keep working comfortably all day long without having to worry of health complications.


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