3 Tips for Better Hair Care

3 Tips for Better Hair Care

For most women, hair is a really big deal. Whether your hair is curly, straight, red or blond, It’s always important to take good care of it. After all, it’s a major part of your appearance. If you want to look put together and take better care of your tresses, consider these ways you can get started.

1. Watch your ingredients.
It’s so important to take a look at the ingredient list of your foods because they’re going inside of your body. However, the same concept applies to your hair care products. Since you’re putting them directly on your scalp and strands, it’s important to make sure that you’re not regularly applying products that contain tons of toxins. Make sure that your products don’t have a lot of sulfates or parabens. If they do have sulfates, make sure that you don’t use them often. Sulfates serve a purpose when you’re trying to get a lot of build-up out of your hair. Otherwise, do your best to use botanical hair care on a consistent basis.

2. Minimize the amount of manipulation.
This is especially important if you are looking to retain length. Be careful with how much you manipulate your hair with tools like combs, brushes and blow dryers. In fact, it’s best to limit your usage because these tools can rip out your hair. If you are someone who struggles with a lot of tangles, it might be better to finger detangle your hair. This way, you’ll be able to preserve the hair you have and keep it healthy.

3. Always add moisture.
It’s easy for hair to become dry and brittle. When you’re constantly adding hairsprays, pomades and other products, the strands can get weighed down. While it’s important to clarify the hair and make sure it’s clean, it’s just as important to add moisture back into it. You can do this by adding conditioner once you’ve shampooed the hair. If you’re washing your hair under hot water, this will only strip your hair of more oils. While you should always wash your hair with warm or cool water, make sure to do a conditioning treatment afterward. Oftentimes, ladies skip this step when they’re in a rush. Unfortunately, their hair pays the ultimate price.


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