The Joys and Rewards of Foster Care

The Joys and Rewards of Foster Care

If you had the chance to be a beacon of light to children who have not received the parenting and care that everyone deserves, would you take it? Are you interested in providing a safe and progressive environment for a child to find her feet and confidence to grow into a responsible adult?

Why are Children Going into Care?

Every day, many children across the country go into care. The reasons are many. A majority of the children who go into care still have parents, who, unfortunately, are not able to give them care. Parents may be ill or injured and not in a physical position to attend to their child. In many cases, the older siblings take responsibility to care for a child in place of the parents – but it is not an ideal situation as they are not trained or equipped with the resources to give care yet. In such scenarios, the state steps in.

Another tragic reason for children going into care is that they are living in dangerous or abusive environments. The source of danger could be another home member apart from the parent, like a new partner. Parents with addictions and criminal history too have been associated with child abuse cases. These children are put into care so they can enjoy the basic privileges of growing up in a protected environment. Even children who witness violence and abuse are treated as secondary victims and are recommended for foster care.

There is another reason why children go into care – deviant behavior. The reasons for deviant behavior are plenty and many times they are rooted in failed parenting. These special cases require expert foster care and some of the other actions include behavioral counseling and in some cases, medication.

Child disability too is another reason why many go into care. Parents are not able to sustain the basic care requirements – and this is something that has been observed in poorer families, as they struggle to balance everyday needs and work with the special attention the child needs. At times, parents are temporarily not able to give care and the child is considered for foster rehabilitation.

An Enriching Experience

The experience of providing foster care is a beautiful one, with its challenges and much bigger rewards. Many foster parents look back at the journey of nurturing a young life and regard it as a milestone in their lives. By signing up for a fostering program, you will be welcoming an individual who becomes part of the family. Along the way, you will be the supporting pillar for this individual to shed his or her inhibitions and blossom into a confident young adult.

Many children who come into care bring with them a lot of bad experiences. Poverty and abuse are common and these young souls are in a very vulnerable state. By providing a home, you will be giving them a much-needed lifeline and platform to turn things around. These are the future generations of our community and their progress reflects the overall progress of society. By fostering, you will have played a very important social role.

As a foster parent, you can also interact with “birth parents” of your wards and help heal scars and rebuild relationships. Fostering is full of special moments – it is no different from parenting. You will be present in many important life moments and achievements of a child, there to give support and encourage.

A Noble Profession

The financial benefits of fostering are also very encouraging. You will need all the resources to provide a home for your foster child and there is a strong and integrated framework that will help you throughout the fostering period.

Fostering is a job and a very important responsibility. As a foster caregiver, you will be compensated in a very fair manner. Some of the costs that will be incurred in a long list include clothing, food, a recreational budget and other things. You can learn more about the details of foster payments at, one of the most trusted fostering organizations in the North West and West Midlands region.

Foster parents receive weekly payments – this allows you for more flexible planning. Each foster-child relationship is unique, with its own unique demands. The actual payment amount is based on your experience and the profile and needs of the child you are taking care of.

It is divided into two segments – one that takes care of all the expenses of the child – from food and pocket money to travel and dentist costs. The second part is a reward payment that is given for the work you do – it is determined by your experience and the type of fostering that you are involved in. As a foster caregiver, you are eligible for tax relief and tax exemptions.

A Large Support Framework

When you take in a child for fostering, it will be an emotional and physical journey, filled with challenges and great accomplishments. You will also have the support of the best professionals and organizations to help you perform your responsibilities.

Every step of the relationship you build with your foster child, you will have the resources and knowledge base of an entire community to guide you. You will be part of a buddy and mentor scheme where you get the encouragement and guidance of experienced foster caregivers. They will give you advice on the daily situations which you will face – and ironing out the little things helps you understand the larger picture better.

Experienced social workers will also be on hand to help you execute your duties as a foster carer. After you have been approved to provide foster care, you will be assigned a social worker in your local area. You will also have 24/7 support throughout the year via a phone helpline that will connect you with senior social workers. The support framework of a foster carer also includes 2 weeks of paid respite, because you deserve your breaks.

Fostering a child is a great responsibility and also a very rewarding experience. Many foster parents in the UK do it full time because of the multi-faceted benefits and satisfaction it has given them. Learn more and find out if you can be approved.


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