3 Common Kitchen Makeover Mistakes to Avoid

3 Common Kitchen Makeover Mistakes to Avoid

When they think about a typical kitchen renovation Perth based homeowners may be surprised to discover how involved the process actually is. The kitchen is one of the busiest areas in the home, and it’s often a busy place to work. The space has to work efficiently to cater to your needs, and a kitchen that works well is an asset. This is why a kitchen renovation is often at the top of the list when a property goes on the market. Potential buyers love new kitchens that are well thought out and simple to use. It can be fun to attempt to design your own kitchen and/or show them to a professional designer. In order to understand the kitchen design process, we will highlight three common mistakes that people make when they remodel their kitchens.

1. DIY is Not a Good Option

Having DIY skills is a great thing to have in an emergency situation or if you have the time to really learn a key skill. However, a modern kitchen is a complex space with lots of different materials in use to fulfill certain expectations. A DIY novice may be able to assemble a flat pack kitchen cabinet, but the final level of finish and polish will be absent. It’s very easy to injure yourself and damage your kitchen before it’s even installed if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s a better idea to use a local kitchen design and installation company to make this process simpler

2. The Top Priority is the Countertop

The surface that you choose for your countertops has to be chosen very carefully. Of course, this is your primary food preparation area, so it has to be hygienic and fit to be used in that capacity. However, the countertop can also make a dramatic statement when considered against the other colours that will be used in the design. A good quality counter will set the stage, offer a little extra luxury, be easy to clean and add aesthetic appeal that may even secure a house sale.

3. Don’t Skimp on Smaller Things

A kitchen remodel isn’t cheap, and it can be quite tempting to impose an extremely strict and arguably unworkable budget. One trap many amateur designers fall into is to compromise, and they always believe that it will be rectified later. This rarely happens and little details, such as taps, an extra power point or custom cutlery drawer, will be harder to add later on.

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