Steps to Prepare For Yoga, Melbourne Beginners Should Know

Steps to Prepare For Yoga, Melbourne Beginners Should Know

If you’re considering yoga in Melbourne, it is likely that you’re feeling a mixture of excitement and anticipation. Yoga is a fantastic exercise to reduce your stress and improve your flexibility and strength. However, before you rush to a yoga studio, you need to think about getting ready. There are some essential steps to prepare for a yoga classes for beginners should know.

Get Hydrated

As with any form of exercise, it is vital that you’re properly hydrated. In addition to drinking lots of water before your class, you should avoid caffeine products. So, skip the coffee, fizzy drinks and even green or black tea as it can dehydrate your body and could increase your heart rate.

Have a Light Snack

While it’s never a good idea to exercise after a heavy meal, you may feel uncomfortable if you’ve not eaten anything. Some students prefer to perform yoga on an empty stomach, but most people feel better after eating. Try to keep your snack light, so try a granola bar, a piece of fruit or even a sandwich. Just steer clear of greasy foods.

Get A Yoga Mat

It may seem obvious, but you’ll need a yoga mat for your yoga class. If you’re tackling hot yoga, you’ll also need a towel that can cover your mat. It is also a good idea to have a towel, so you can dry off or shower after your glass.

Grab Your Water Bottle

While yoga is based on gentle exercise, you’ll still need to rehydrate, so be sure to bring a large bottle of water with you to class.

Plan Your Wardrobe

You’ll need comfortable clothing that you can stretch, move and even sweat in. Ideally, your yoga outfit should be made with breathable materials that wick away moisture. Bear in mind that most classes are performed barefoot, so you’ll need to ditch your shoes and socks. If you’re concerned about being barefoot, ask whether indoor flip flops are permitted. Wearing only socks will cause you to slide around and risk injury.

Arrive Early

Many people take yoga classes to relax, and there are meditation and breathing techniques involved. For this reason, latecomers are rarely permitted to join a class. It is considered disrespectful to both the teacher and other students to turn up late, so aim to arrive early. Beginners may also find the teacher will provide some reassurance and guidance while the rest of the class is assembling.

If your considering yoga, Melbourne residents should call in and see us. We are an established yoga studio with a schedule of classes to suit a busy lifestyle. You’ll also find the Kaya team ready to answer any queries you may have when considering yoga in Melbourne.


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