How to prevent mess building up in the kitchen

How to prevent mess building up in the kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, it is only natural for mess to occur, whether that be through cooking, eating or even leaving things on the side. This is all natural and comes with having the kitchen as the most utilised space in any household.  There are however, ways to minimise and limit the build-up of mess to make cleaning that much easier.


This may seem like a silly concept, but the reality is that if you don’t feel cramped and confined to an area you’re far less likely to spill or knock into other things. Therefore, having a larger space to work with can be a fantastic option and this can be done through establishing an island or installing additional kitchen cabinets and surface space. Keeping the surfaces free of less-used appliances also helps to reduce clutter, so invest in handy storage solutions to put away that pasta maker until you want to use it!

A large sink

Whilst a standard-size sink will get the job done, there is no avoiding the fact that when you have larger bowls or pots it can make maneuvering around the kitchen sink incredibly difficult, messy and wet.  Working with a larger sink in contrast, allows you to work in ample space, enabling you to clean effectively thus limiting mess. In addition to this it gives you that extra space to work with when you need to soak pots for a period of time, leaving the kitchen clutter free.

Make cleaning as easy as possible

Let’s face it,  no one likes to clean the kitchen at the best of times let alone after preparing a meal. The way we see it is that if you are going to have to clean anyway you may as well make it as easy and efficient as possible. This can be done in a variety of ways, starting with investing in some splashback panels so that you can protect the walls and also allow for an easy clean. Investing in laminated cabinets can be a fantastic way to make cleaning a breeze and also making it everlasting. Kitchen splashbacks, new surfaces and laminated doors can make the cleaning process simple and easy for those involved.

Integrated dishwasher

Although a dishwasher may seem like an obvious addition to this list, it seems appropriate as this is the single, easiest way of preventing mess. When it comes to choosing the best dishwasher on the market it is important to think about the size of your household and how much space you will need. Ideally you should choose a dishwasher that can be integrated into the rest of the kitchen and keeping consistent with the theme of your interior decoration. For those with a larger family, make sure you invest in a model designed to handle large volumes of plates and cutlery and one which will enable a thorough clean.


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