Display It Right: 5 Creative Ways to Use Binders That Will Fuel Your Productivity

Display It Right: 5 Creative Ways to Use Binders That Will Fuel Your Productivity

From those who put sticky labels on their cereal boxes to people who can’t remember where they last saw their keys, we can all agree that organization plays an important role in our daily routines. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, binders can be a fun part to help boost your productivity by improving your organizational strategies.

#1 Use A Binder For Recipes

How many times have you printed out a great recipe, used it, loved it, and then totally forgot where you put it? Recipes can be a hassle to keep up with and very easy to lose unless you organize them all into one place. A binder is a great way to put your recipes on display, and with the help of Showcase Presentation Folders and clear slips, you can keep things safe in the kitchen.

Binders make sorting and storing your favorite recipes easy, plus you can list out any recipe notes, like keeping those delicious poppyseed muffins in the oven for a bit longer that originally noted. In other words, a binder might be your fastest route to becoming a five-star worthy home chef.

#2 Free Up Space In Your Safe

Whether you put your birth certificate and other important documents into an in-home safe or into spare drawers scattered around your home, a binder can help you bring everything together and keep it that way. The binder method is also great for families because each member can have their own section with their important documents tucked safely away.

Don’t forget to include immunization records, social security cards, passports, and copies of all your other important documents so that you always have them on hand for reference when you need them. Using a binder in this way will definitely help you keep your safe organized and your personal information secure.

#3 Sort Your Printed Photos

Let’s admit it: Most of us have taken our photos into the digital realm these days. From our smartphones to our computers and tablets, we very rarely go to the print shop anymore to have them developed. Instead, we just text or email them to our favorite family members and friends or put them right onto Facebook for everyone to see at their leisure. Come the holiday season, E-Card makes it simple to get the best family picture in front of everyone you care about.

However, most of us still have hard copies of photographs lying around. Maybe they’re from your own childhood or have been inherited from your parents and other family members. Whatever the case may be, having those hard copies is very sentimental. So, put them into a binder and decorate it as a beautiful photo book! Binders are easy to flip through and there is something oh-so-memorable about actually holding a picture in your hand.

#4 Use It As A Bill Manager

The binder method is a well-known way to keep on top of your bills and expenses. From printing out charts showing your monthly dues to graphs examining your income, some number-lovers take the binder method to new heights through all sorts of graphics, print-outs, and tracking sheets. However, to boost your productivity, all you really need to do is take a few critical pieces of information and organize it into a binder.

Your bill binder should include the monthly dues you need to pay, like your utility bills, along with your monthly income and how much is left over after that. From that money, detail your budgets for groceries and other variable expenses. After that, write down how much “free money” you have left, and what you’ll do with it (save or spend).

This method is described in great detail by some of the best financial gurus in the world, so if it has piqued your interest, don’t hesitate to get started managing your finances in a fun, visual, and simple way!

#5 Turn It Into Your Day Planner

From monthly calendars to weekly day-by-day scheduling, you can do all sorts of time management with a binder by your side. A binder makes the perfect desktop planner that can easily be slid into a drawer to save space and then taken out as needed to pencil in all your important due dates and appointments.

This is perhaps one of the most productive ways to begin using a binder in your daily routine because it will help you stay on top of everything you need to be doing while giving you a clear visual snapshot of what’s coming up next. There are plenty of free print-outs online so that you can lay out weeks, months, or even a year at a time! Plus, unlike expensive day planners, you can remove and add pages as you please so your binder is always current with the times.


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