Is Next Day Delivery Really A Necessity?

Is Next Day Delivery Really A Necessity?

When it comes to delivery options, next day delivery seems to be becoming quite the commonly found service. With most e-commerce and retail giants now offering next day cheap parcel delivery as standard, most consumers are starting to expect this service with every item they order or try to send – but is it really necessary? In such a fast-paced world, could we all benefit from a little more patience? We’re exploring exactly that, below.

For Businesses

In already competitive industries, most businesses aren’t willing to risk losing customers to their competitors simply because they don’t offer next day delivery and as a result, more and more businesses are going out of their way to provide this service. Amazon Prime, in particular, has given buyers a taste of what next day delivery is like and for businesses that hope to compete with this industry giant, next day delivery alone often isn’t actually enough.

When buyers can get lower prices and a free next day delivery without having to move to shop to shop, it’s understandable that most are becoming reluctant to shop with smaller retailers. However, for smaller businesses with unique products or services to offer, a range of delivery options could still work in their favour against competitors that might not be able to do the same.

For this reason, next day delivery within businesses, especially to consumers, is a must. Demand is growing for fast, efficient and trustworthy services and any company hoping to compete in a market has to cater to this demand.

For Consumers

On a consumer level, the necessity for next day delivery can ultimately depend on your personal situation. For those of us with kids, the ability to click a button or two and have staples like formula, baby wipes and nappies at our doorstep the next morning without having to struggle with getting the kids out into the busy high street can be a godsend. However, if you’re doing a bit of casual shopping, paying for a next day service isn’t exactly a necessary cost.

While next day delivery is incredibly convenient with busy lifestyles, for those much more relaxed in their online shopping or who might be able to pop out to the shops during their spare time, it’s not something they necessarily need. However, the demand is there regardless and so arguably, next day delivery, especially the kind offered for free or as standard, is still something consumers are searching for when they shop.

What About Same Day Delivery?

Let’s be honest, next day delivery is nothing overly new. In fact, this kind of delivery has been around for over a decade now and so the real focus for businesses and consumers alike is same day delivery. This is by no means widely available just yet, but more and more companies are starting to offer a same day service to some degree and consumers are certainly ready for it.

With 56% of consumers expecting same day delivery, and 61% willing to pay a bit extra in order to get exactly that, the possibilities for this kind of industry are endless. Businesses could not only better meet their customer’s demands with this service, but with a faster turnaround, would have more room for orders and therefore higher sales providing they can offer the service with efficiency.

Whether you’re a fan of next day (or same day!) delivery, there is simply no denying that these are quickly becoming a standard option within our everyday online shopping experiences and companies that are unable to offer this service need to find something unique to set them apart from themselves. Whether through the products themselves or extra incentives, pulling in customers often needs a little more than just next day delivery.


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