You are six questions away from finding the perfect plumbing work service for your home

You are six questions away from finding the perfect plumbing work service for your home

Whether it is a plumbing emergency or a long overdue service, you will need someone who has proper training. An experienced plumber with hands-on training is second to none when it comes to fixing a leaky pipe. We have seen small leaks turn into more significant problems due to the lack of expert hands on-site. Repair costs keep escalating as you defer a service and the cracks or leaks keep increasing. A plumber usually knows what your situation demands. The supplies, tools, and training he brings with him mean he will be able to manage any case on-the-spot.

Does your plumber have sufficient training and experience? 

It would be wrong to believe that each plumber has similar training or that each one will be able to handle the same level of complexity. The quality of service will depend on his level of training and experience. Therefore, you could say that each reputed service has some unique skill sets to offer. In fact, each plumbing service consists of several levels of plumbing expertise including apprentices, journeymen and master plumbers.

  • Apprentice plumber – he or she is a person learning the tricks-of-the-trade from the master. They need to undergo extensive practical training and classroom training before they can get their hands on your faucets and pipes. Most of them gain access to a plumber training program through local unions. Some of them start out by assisting master plumbers in the town or the city. During this time the trainees get extensive exposure to the different kinds of plumbing jobs and challenges.
  • Journeyman plumber – each state requires the individual trainee to spend 4 to 5 years in traineeship before he or she can become a journeyman plumber. The eligibility criteria usually vary from one state to another, and yours might have an examination that decides if the professional is fit to get a license.
  • Master plumber – sometimes, after years of practice as a journeyman, a person gets the chance to acquire his or her license. They can then apply with the state’s Contractors Board. That is the highest professional level that requires thorough theoretical and practical knowledge.

Six questions that can help you find a better plumber

Are they qualified?

When you are looking for a Plumbing Expert Fort McMurray, find out all you can about the proprietor of the business. Most of them own their businesses privately and knowing about the owner’s experience, and reputation will help you get an estimate of the standard of work you can expect from the company.

Most states require the plumbers to hold an active license, but you might find cheaper and shadier plumbing services on Craig’s List that don’t have one. If the plumber working at your house does not have a license, his work might not pass inspection. That will not only lead to significant harassment, but it will also lead to unwarranted expenses that you weren’t expecting.

How does the plumbing service charge?

Never make assumptions from average hourly or daily charges of plumbing services in your area. As we have mentioned before, you can expect varying levels of qualifications and experiences. Each one has different hourly or daily charges. Some leading plumbing companies in the city charge a flat rate. Opting for a flat rate ensures certainty of the cost that won’t change due to labour expenses. On the other hand, if your job lasts long, you will have to pay for each day. Always put all your cards on the table before signing a contract.

How much will be the average cost?

The total cost of a project will always exceed or be lesser than what you had expected in the first place. Apart from raw materials and labour payments, you will have to think about additional expenses that might keep adding up to the initial amount. Even then, it is imperative to have them check out the job before the operation begins. That will help you get an idea about the length of the process and the costs associated with it. Always remember that some expenses look better on paper because they do not include the overheads that can skyrocket as the job continues.

Who will be doing the work?

Most of the reputed plumbing services have more than one plumber on their payroll. While all of them might be good at what they do, they might be working at different expertise levels. A master plumber’s charges will not be the same as that of an apprentice. Therefore, always ask if the person giving you the quote will also be doing the work for you. Follow it up by inquiring about his training and experience. In case the plumber fails to answer your questions, you should feel free to seek searching till you find the right service.

Who does all the cleaning?

Do all plumbing companies clean after themselves? Sadly, no! Some plumbing companies leave behind the packaging material from new parts, the old broken parts and a giant mess for the homeowners. It is your responsibility to find out if the plumbing services you are looking to hire have complementary cleanup services. Yes, some of them do charge a pretty buck for the post-op cleanup, but that might be worth it. If you have children or pets in the house, you would want a pro cleanup job that takes care of everything.

Do they offer any form of guarantee?

You must be thinking what kind of a guarantee a plumbing service would provide! Have you thought of the possibility of something going wrong? There is always a possibility of a new crack in the pipes or a new leak in one of the faucets due to the entire commotion. Additionally, some of the professionals promise to revisit any plumbing issues that occur within a year of service. However, always ensure that the guarantee or warranty is in black-and-white and not a verbal promise.

Your pipes and faucets form the circulatory system of your home. It is one of the most critical networks that keep the house comfortable and functional. There is no way you can afford to compromise it by choosing a non-licensed or inexperienced plumbing service because he charges a couple of bucks less.


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