6 Places to Take Engagement Photos in Utah

6 Places to Take Engagement Photos in Utah

As the age-old idiom says, it’s all about location, location, location. And whether you’re wanting scenic backdrops, sentimental spots or a place to perfectly match your personalities, there’s no shortage of stunning photography locations for soon-to-be newlyweds. From the mountains and lakes up north to the red rock backdrops of Southern Utah, here are six places to take your engagement photos throughout Utah.

1. Guardsman Pass

Park City

6 Places to Take Engagement Photos in Utah


If you want enchanting mountain scenery, you can’t pass up this drive through northern Utah’s backcountry. At the top of the mountain, you’ll have majestic panoramic views overlooking Park City on one side and Heber on the other. During the summer, there are wildflower-filled fields, gigantic evergreens and lush mountain vegetation. But autumn is the prettiest time for a drive and photos. You won’t be able to get enough of all the shades of reds, yellows and oranges you’ll see; colors made for fall engagement photos.

2. Exchange Place Historic District

Salt Lake City6 Places to Take Engagement Photos in Utah


Downtown Salt Lake is a terrific location for urban engagements. But only one area combines old urban charm, historic buildings and artistic graffiti walls for photos that everyone will envy and remember—the Exchange Place Historic District. If you two are booklovers, there isn’t a better place for you. Bring your favorite novels as props and hold them while standing or sitting up against the vivid graffiti book wall.

3. Utah State Capitol Building

Salt Lake City

6 Places to Take Engagement Photos in Utah

Utah’s weather is unpredictable. One minute it’s sunny; the next it’s raining or snowing. That’s why it’s always good to have an indoor backup plan for your engagement photos, as well as for your engagement photo outfits. Many couples have chosen the Utah State Capitol Building as their Plan B (or Plan A). Whether you’re on the winding marble staircase or in front of the soaring columns, the neoclassical architecture inside and outside the Utah State Capitol will capture the classic love you two share. And if the weather changes during your engagement session, step outside from some incredible photos outside the building. The trees during spring and fall provide breathtaking outdoor backdrops.

4. Lehi Roller Mills


6 Places to Take Engagement Photos in Utah


The rustic charm, variety of textures and fun colors are what make the Lehi Roller Mills so appealing to couples. Take your pick of having tall rural buildings or large metal silos in the background. Play around with the pops of red, green and white colors around the mills to work into your photos. And don’t forget to have your photographer take a close-up shot of your feet since this is where the final sequence of the original Footloose was filmed. With its rustic and cinematic charm, the Lehi Roller Mills exude that small, hometown feel you want in your pictures.

5. Midway Ice Castles


Places to Take Engagement Photos


The Midway Ice Castles don’t just help create Instagram-worthy photos; they’re picture perfect for winter engagement photos. These man-made ice castles absorb shades of blue during the day, while they emit bright shades of pink and purple at night. Utah’s snow-capped mountains are beautiful—but the pastel colors radiating off long icicles and ice tunnels take your photos from simply beautiful to magical. It’s also a fun location; just watch your step!

6. The Mighty 5

Southwestern and Southeastern Utah

Utah is a dream state for hikers and landscape photographers. So if you, your beau and your photographer don’t mind going on a little hiking adventure, especially if it means getting the most gorgeous nature backdrops, then shoot your engagements at one or a few of Utah’s Mighty 5 national parks: Zion, Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands and Capitol Reef. Red rock canyons, towering arches, sandstone cliffs, white domes, flowing rivers and every color and texture you could ask for—these national parks truly showcase the beauty of the Beehive State.


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