Creative Ways of Incorporating Pearls into Your Wedding

Creative Ways of Incorporating Pearls into Your Wedding

Whether it’s a gorgeous necklace or a stunning pair of earrings, many brides love the idea of wearing pearls on their big day. The timeless aesthetic and traditional feel make the gemstone a perfect fit for bridal jewelry, helping create a jaw-dropping look that people will remember for a long time. Recently, however, we’re seeing pearls used in weddings in new and exciting ways that go beyond pearl jewelry. The question is simple: why just showcase the beauty of the gems on jewelry when you can use it as design theme that can add sophistication to your wedding? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways in which we’ve seen pearls used in creative ways for weddings and highlight some of them in this article.

Floral Centerpieces

 Creative Ways of Incorporating Pearls into Your Wedding

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The options for utilizing pearls in your wedding décor are plenty, and they’re all an excellent way to help add a dash of elegance. One of our favorite ways to do this is by using them as accents for the centerpieces on each table. For a more understated way of doing this, incorporate pearl floral sprays into the bouquet. If you’re looking for something more bold and lavish, consider having elevated centerpieces with ropes of pearls hanging.

Table Numbers Creative Ways of Incorporating Pearls into Your Wedding

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Another remarkable way of integrating pearls into the décor is by using them to accent the picture frames used to mark the reception’s table numbers. There are many different pearl-embellished picture frames for sale, but if you have the time and are on a budget, gluing the beads onto the picture frames yourself makes for a fun and meaningful DIY-project to get.

Bridal Hair Accessory Creative Ways of Incorporating Pearls into Your Wedding

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The bride’s hair is one of the most important aspects of her look. If you plan on doing a bun, knot, or chignon, then pearl hair pins are one of our favorite ways of making creative use of the gemstone. This hair accessory is a favorite of the always fashionable Kate Middleton, and that speaks volumes on its own. The tranquil beauty of the pearls complements the hairstyle and truly enhances the overall look.

Wedding Invitations Creative Ways of Incorporating Pearls into Your Wedding

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Looking for the perfect way to set the tone for what attendees can expect at your wedding? Decorate wedding invitations with pearls to give them a classic look and feel that will help make sure people save the date. All it takes is one bead per invitation to get the message across and make a statement. For a fun touch, use colored pearl beads instead of the more common white ones.

Dessert Creative Ways of Incorporating Pearls into Your Wedding

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We saved the most outlandish yet creative idea for last. Use edible pearl cake decorations to add a touch of extravagance to the dessert that will be served at the reception. Pearl-decorated cupcakes are extremely adorable and feminine, making them a perfect fit for a wedding. It’s subtle details like these ornate cupcakes that people will remember from your wedding.

However, if you really love pearls, you can take one step further and use the same edible pearl decorations on the actual wedding cake. While it may sound like a bit too much, the cake design is actually quite understated and very elegant. You’ll be glad you chose this option every single time you look at pictures of you and your better half cutting the one-of-a-kind cake.

Pearls feature a truly dazzling appearance that should be utilized to its fullest on your big day. After all, two of the primary meanings a gemstone is believed to symbolize are love and purity. In this article, we’ve covered five of our favorite ways to make creative use of the enchanting beauty of the gem besides pearl jewelry. Which of these can you see yourself potentially making use of for your own wedding?

Sos Nazaryan is a writer at Pearls of Wisdom by The Pearl Source, one of the world’s premier retailers of high-quality pearls. He’s always on the lookout for the latest fashion and jewelry trends inform and inspire.

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