Why Is It So Important to Fix a Blocked Drain Quickly?

Why Is It So Important to Fix a Blocked Drain Quickly?

Everyone has experienced the unpleasant results of a blocked drain at some point in their life. As the interiors of your drainpipes are not visible from the outside, it is an unfortunate fact that problems are often noticed too late – only coming to the fore when a disaster such as a flood, burst pipe, or terrible smell emerges. Not only can a blocked drain cause untold damage to your property, it also has the ability to impact your health.

What Causes Blocked Drains?

Any number of things can result in a blocked drain – from debris and grease to hair and leaves. If not cleared away regularly, these items can build up to form a blockage so severe that water is unable to pass through. Another thing that may lead to a severely blocked drain is the growth of tree roots into your sewer main.

What To Do If You Suspect A Blocked Drain

There are many initial key signs that may indicate that you have a blocked drain. You may notice small pools of water by your bath or sink, or your drainage may be working unusually slow. In more serious cases, you may notice that an unpleasant smell has begun to form, in which case you will need to act quickly in order to minimise damage.

If you suspect that you have a blocked drain in your home, then it is important to deal with it quickly before the situation worsens. If you’re in the Portsmouth and Hampshire areas, then the blocked drains to be resolved by 24/7 Drainage Solutions will be dealt with right away. As the name suggests, their service is available around the clock to provide a speedy solution to your problem.

What Are The Dangers Of Blocked Drains To Your Home?

One of the most obvious issues with having a blocked pipe is that your water will cease to drain properly. This can make sinks and showers unusable as the water refuses to go down.

If a blocked drain is not dealt with quickly, then you also run the risk of accumulating a build-up of stagnant water that will not only smell bad but may also leak into your home’s walls and foundations, causing structural instability, mildew and damp, which can discolour your walls, cause warping, and even eventually result in flooding.

What Are The Dangers Of Blocked Drains To Your Health?

Damp caused by a blocked drain can easily lead to the growth of bacteria and mould, which can lead to a whole host of health problems, including eye and skin irritation, wheezing and lung infections. For more on the dangers of damp and mould, there are articles available online that you can refer to.

Stagnant water also has a tendency to attract unwanted visitors such as mosquitoes, insects, and pests which have the ability to spread germs and diseases. On top of this, many severely blocked drains will push the dirty water back up through the plug hole, which can pose a serious health risk if you come into contact with it. The odour that results from stagnant water can also act as an irritant for those who suffer from diseases like asthma, and contact with the water can lead to skin rashes.

Combat Your Problem Today!

With so many risks resulting from blocked drains, it’s essential that you combat the issue as quickly as possible. If you believe you have a blocked drain, don’t leave it until it’s too late – get it sorted today!


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