Throwing a Summer Party

Throwing a Summer Party

Summer is fully in full swing, and this warm season a great time to get together with friends and family. Being able to enjoy the sunshine out in the backyard with good food and people you love is a highlight of the summer months, so if you haven’t thought about it yet, now’s the best time to start planning a get-together to remember. Barbecues are the obvious option for parties at home in the summer and are always a popular choice. There are all kinds of food you can prepare outdoors now, though, and simple buffets or party food will go down very well too.

Choosing a theme

You don’t have to have a theme to throw a successful party, but it can make the day go with a swing if you have some sort of focus for the event. Birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays such as the Fourth of July are all good reasons to plan a special occasion. You can also align your party with an event taking place at the same time, such as the Olympics and Paralympics, or this year how about a World Cup theme? Soccer is going to be a big talking point for the summer months, and it could be a lot of fun to get a group of people together to watch an important game, or maybe kick a ball about in the yard, pretending to be a soccer legend like Ronaldo. If you want to inject some extra fun, why not have a look at the odds on a betting site like Unibet? Everyone could place a bet on the result of a match that’s taking place the day of the party, which will make your special day even more fun.


You want to be able to enjoy the party without feeling you have to be busy cooking and looking after everyone the whole time. You could ask guests to bring a contribution of food to reduce the amount of cooking and prep you have to do. Or get them to bring the drinks while you provide the food. It’s a good idea to have a browse online for clever party food ideas, and new things to cook on the barbecue. Cooking up a batch of pizzas in a specialist outdoor oven is a relatively straightforward option, with accompanying bowls of salad for people to help themselves. You can prepare and cook many different types of food outdoors now, such as Moroccan style tagines, or you could make a large batch of something most people like such as lasagne in your kitchen, and serve it up outside. Make sure you get plenty of soft drinks in and keep them chilled, so people don’t become dehydrated or overheated.

Summer parties are a fun activity for all ages, and if you plan yours properly, you can enjoy your party without tiring yourself out. The only thing that could cause an issue on your day is if the weather changes, so make sure you have a reliable plan for holding the party indoors or undercover if it does start to rain.


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