10 mistakes that cause relationships to fail

10 mistakes that cause relationships to fail

It is common for relationships to fail. In fact, reports indicate that 70% of all relationships fail within the first few weeks.

While sometimes a breakup is a blessing in disguise, but at times it can end up breaking you. When you get heavily involved with a person, you do not want to live without them, and in such a scenario a breakup can cause havoc in your life.

Surprisingly, a lot of times you breakup due to silly mistakes that can easily be prevented. Without much ado, let’s have a look at ten common mistakes that cause relationships to go haywire.

  1. Not Trusting Your Partner

This is the worst mistake you can make in a relationship. If you want your relationship to work, you must trust your partner completely.

In this era of social media where you can view all your partner’s activities, it is really easy to overanalyze everything and end up doubting your partner. In fact, a lot of breakups happen due to social media.

While it is okay to be aware of what your partner is up to, it is definitely not okay to not trust them at all and doubt their every move. For example, you do not have to go and stalk everyone your partner likes on social media or begin to question them about who all they are following.

This lack of trust can cause major rifts between people and lead to a breakup.

  1. Having Very High Expectations

Some of us have very high expectations from our partners and this can cause issues when they are not able to fulfill them.

The most important thing here is to be clear about what you expect out of your partner. Let your partner know of your expectations so that he or she can try to fulfill them. However, make sure your expectations are not too high.

In an ideal situation, you should only expect your partner to do for you what you are willing to do for him or her, but make sure to always leave a window for excuses.

  1. Not Being Able to Fulfil Expectations

Just like you have expectations, your partner has ‘em too. Let’s talk about women. They expect men to remember dates including birthdays and anniversaries. However, a large number of men forget such important days simply because they are bad with dates, or at least that is the excuse they like to throw around.

Not being able to fulfil such minute expectations can lead to arguments because they make the other person feel unappreciated. So, make sure to up your game and fulfil your partner’s expectations whenever you can.

There is no harm in going the extra mile, when and where required.

  1. Playing the victim card

Playing the victim card is far too common in relationships where both parties feel they are the victim and feel like their partner doesn’t treat them right.

This can lead to issues because when you are busy playing a victim, you are not able to see the true picture.

Instead, get up and look at things from a neutral point of view and try to sort out issues.

  1. Not Giving Enough Time to Your Partner

Relationships require time. You two need to do things together. If you are not able to give time to your partner, they will feel ignored and neglected which may also cause them to get distant.

So, make sure to give time to your partner. You two should try to have at least one meal in a day together and go out as often as you can so that you two can reconnect and grow together.

  1. You Are Too Needy

Yes, this is one of the major causes of breakups where one partner constantly demands attention, which puts too much pressure on the other person and leads to fights.

It is okay to want your partner to give you attention, but make sure to know where to draw the line.

  1. Undervaluing Your partner

So you’ve been together for more than a year and your partner is amazing and takes care of everything for you, and then comes a time when you begin to take them for granted.

This is surprisingly a very common issue. You should never undervalue your partner. Always appreciate them for what they do for you and make sure they always feel wanted.

If a person feels used or unwanted in a relationship, they would most probably just walk away.

  1. Comparing Past Relations With the Present One

Just because you had a bad experience with your exes, does not mean you begin to judge your current partner as well.

Never go around making statements such as, ‘but they used to…’ as this constant comparison, even if it is positive, can cause problems during relationships.

  1. Not Communicating Enough With Each Other

You must make sure to communicate with each other regarding all matters. Your partner is your better half, they should have a say in matters related to your life as well.

This is important even if you two are not married as when two people get into a relationship, it is understood that they are going to be together in the long-run. You must discuss all things with your partner, from business matters to family issues.

It is not important that you listen to all their suggestions, but you must at least ask for their opinion.

  1. Not Understanding That Things Change After Marriage

It does not matter how hard you try, things change after you get married. Women go through hormonal changes after marriage        , and men have other issues that begin to crop up only once you tie the knot.

Make sure to be aware of these changes and live your life trying to make things work. This way you will be able to avoid arguments.


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