Finding The Right Electrical Company For Your Home

Finding The Right Electrical Company For Your Home

It’s important you choose the right electrical company for any electrical work that’s to be done at home. You have to choose someone who’s not only trustworthy but also competent enough to handle the job.
They will be working with complex home systems which can cause a significant inconvenience and problems if something goes wrong. The best way to find the right person is with the help of the following tips:

1. Know and define what you want

You need to first know and decide why you are looking for an electrical company. Is it to carry out some minor repairs or are you thinking of doing some major renovations? You also need to decide when you want the job to be completed, and if there are deadlines to be met.

This is important because while some electrical companies can complete a major job within 2 months’ time, others may require 4 months to do the same. Knowing your tasks and deadlines help narrow down your research, and helps you choose the right electrical contractor who’s free in your timeframe and will be able to meet your deadlines.

2. Warranty

The best electricians in Perth offer parts and labor warranty to guarantee their work.

3. Who’s doing the work?

Find out if the electrician you speak to will be doing the job because many electricians hire helpers or apprentices or may even hire subcontractors to handle the job. Whoever is allotted for the job, make sure they have the proper license and insurance coverage to do it.

4. License and insurance coverage

Don’t forget to check the electrical contractor’s credibility. Inefficient technicians can only lead to poor electrical work like overloaded circuits, improper grounding, overloaded circuits and other problems.
The best way to prevent all this from occurring is by verifying the company’s license and making sure they have worker’s compensation and general liability insurance coverage. It’s also good if they provide some references about their work credibility from previous clients as it proves how reliable and trustworthy they are with their work and commitments.

5. The estimated rate for work

The type of project you have for your contractor determines the type of proposal you receive from them, which may be a concrete proposal or an estimated verbal quote. Some may even give an hourly quote, usually for complicated projects where they can’t estimate how long they need to complete the job.
Most contractors charge based on the time and material rates where you are charged for materials used and time spent to complete the project and task. This time includes the time spent for buying, picking up and transporting materials to your home.

6. Clear proposal

Accept an electrical contractor only if they manage to produce a clear proposal aligned to your home’s electrical needs. It may be a renovation or rewiring project or you just want to install track lighting in the apartment building. Whatever the job may be, the electrician should clearly define the job. You can reject the proposal if the proposal doesn’t meet your expectations and if there are doubts they don’t clear.

7. Up-to-date technicians 

Always chose an electric company that’s up-to-date with the latest electricity rules. Their technicians need to attend regular training courses and follow the National Electrical Code which changes every three years.

8. Pulling permits

Permits from the power company are required in most countries to replace your home’s main electrical equipment or most of the wiring. The company should include its costs in their bill, and if it’s missing, do ask about it.

9. Specialized services

Different electrical companies specialize in different areas and scopes of electrical work. So make sure you hire the right people for your work because it’s expensive and a waste of money to hire commercial electricians used to wiring large buildings to replace your outlets and switches.

Now you know what to look out for in an electrical company, make sure you collect a few proposals to compare and choose the right person quoting the right budget for the job. And once you choose the person, make sure you maintain good communication with them and clarify any doubts you or they may have about the job. And if you build a good rapport with the company, you can hire them for regular inspections anytime required, to prevent an emergency from occurring at home.


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