Getting your garden ready for a summer of entertaining

Getting your garden ready for a summer of entertaining

Summer is coming! So now is the time to be getting everything ready for a summer of warmth (hopefully), BBQ’s and entertaining! You’ll need to make your garden the ideal setting for all your garden parties and get together, whether it’s a family BBQ or glass of wine or two with friends or neighbours!

From planting beautifully scented and flowering trees and shrubs – click here for more details – to making the most of your garden furniture. Read on and you’ll get the lowdown on how you can get your garden ready for the summer socials ahead!

Your garden furniture

It’s been a long Winter. And your garden furniture is probably stacked up in a shed or garage somewhere, covered in the cobwebs of all the spiders that took refuge from the bad weather and freezing temperatures. Now is the time to bring it outside again and let it see the light of day. Has it seen better days?

If you think it looks a little sad then why not upcycle it? If your furniture is wooden then give it a lick of paint, if you’re working with metal framed furniture then consider reupholstering the seat cushions.

You could even give the table a lift by creating some pretty table accessories with candles and herbs. And if in doubt – get a new parasol!

Tidy, tidy!

You wouldn’t throw a party without tidying up a little bit first…or at least hiding some of the clutter in cupboards…well, it’s amazing what a quick run with the lawnmower will do for your garden. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner! Quickly mow the lawn, or just the larger parts of the garden where the gatherings will centre around and tidy up the beds as best you can. Get rid of weeds and empty old, dead flower pots.

Throw some shade

During the summer if we’re lucky, it gets hot. This is why shade is important to keep your guests comfortable. Everyone might like a tan, but no one enjoys socialising when they have to squint, and they can feel themselves burning.

Give your guests some relief from the sun and incorporate some awnings or parasols into your party. Or you could go a step further and get some permanent shade by installing some pergolas bursting with flowers and creeping vines.

Light it up

The evenings might be lighter in the summer time, but gatherings that continue well after the sun has set are going to need a little help in the lighting department. Consider getting some solar panelled lights throughout your garden. These come in a variety of different styles such as stakes, string lights or even ornaments. You could line the pathway and have them light up the darker parts of your garden.

Or make things feel a little more magical and get some solar fairy lights to hang from the tables, in the bushes or around the fence. It’s also a great eco-friendly way to light your garden all year round!


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