This Is the Role Flow Meters Play in Different Industries

This Is the Role Flow Meters Play in Different Industries

A flow meter measures the flow rate or the amount of fluid or gas moving through a pipe. Every industry has its own application depending on the engineering requirements and constraints.

Here are a few of the industries where flow meters are required:

  • Medicine

Oxygen therapy

In oxygen therapy, there is air flowing in a tube. A variety of machines are used to administer oxygen to a patient. The oxygen will first go through a pressure regulator which controls the oxygen which is delivered from the cylinder. It is administered at a low pressure which is controlled by a flow meter.


If you have been to the theatre, you will remember having something over your nose that you inhaled or having something injected into you. None of that was fun for obvious reasons. The fancy terms that you were barely interested in are dosing unit, inhalation an aesthesia and respiratory devices.

With inhalation anaesthesia, there is a mixture of air, oxygen and some an aesthetic drug as well a nitrous oxide that you breathed in. The flow meter is needed here to ensure that you receive the right mixture of gases, in the right volume and at the right pressure. This one ranks highly amongst the flow meter by industry list.


Medical researchers have to study how liquid flow sensors establish urine flow levels that are directly related to issues to do with prostate conditions. They will need flow charts for that.

  • The automotive industry

There are lots of fluids in the automotive industry that need monitoring and measuring. A few include:

  • Engine coolant
  • Engine oil
  • Wiper fluid
  • Automatic transmission fluid

The meters involved are in charge of controlling the consumption of these fluids. Engineers rely on flow meters to determine the combination of fuel and water.  Examples of flow meters used in this industry include the following:

Gas flow meters

They are used for repeatable and exact flow measurements of compressible liquids. They have three rotors designs that measure low, medium and high-density gasses.

Universal flow meters

These ones are for measuring antifreeze fluids and gear oils. The meters used here are are accurate, lightweight and rugged. Since they are adaptable to many different applications, they are known as universal meters.

Automotive flow meters 

They measure the fluids in the electronic field. They are specifically designed for wiper fluid, antifreeze applications and brake fluid. This data is important for inventory management systems.

Heating, ventilating  and air conditioning systems

Flow meters are used in these systems to check the volumetric flow pressures and rates. In order to bring down costs, there must be greater measuring sensitivity and reduced measuring range.

Monitoring the room pressure

When a room is air-conditioned, the supply of air is controlled to reduce differential pressures within. In sensitive places like hospitals and laboratories, the air is maintained to control the spread of harmful substances. Clean rooms have the pressure controlled to prevent entry of unclean air.

Control is the thing with flow meters and it is evident that it is necessary because it prevents disasters like escalating costs, the spread of diseases as well as calamities that could turn out to be fatal if gases and certain liquids were left to their own devices.


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