Mouth-Watering Food You Can Cook In Japanese Grills

Mouth-Watering Food You Can Cook In Japanese Grills

Japan is known for its unique and mouth-watering cuisines. There are many cuisines like Sushi, Ramen, tempura, sashimi, etc. but grilled food will always steal the show. It is one of the oldest cooking traditions in Japan. Over the time, there is a large development of grills and grilling foods. Binchotan charcoal is used for the best grilling. Charcoal based grilling in very popular in Japan.

Here are some of the Famous Japanese grills you should know about.


Hibachi is a small heating device that consists of a round, cylindrical or box-shaped container. It is made from the heatproof material. In North America, hibachi refers to a small cooking stove which is heated by charcoal.


Shichirin is a small charcoal grill or stove. It is a portable, lightweight and compact grill. Binchotan charcoal is mainly used as a fuel in Shichirin grill. Traditional Shichirin were made of ceramics whereas modern Shichirin is made of diatomaceous earth.  Its shape can be cylindrical, square or rectangular and it comes in various sizes.


Konro is a type of Japanese grill that is compact in shape. It is mainly box-shaped and is lined with ceramic or aluminum. It has a narrow design on top so that the food cannot fall in and can be cooked nicely. It also uses binchotan charcoal as a fuel, but nowadays gas fuel is also used.


It is a type of open hearth Japanese grill. In earlier times, this hearth is dug into the floor. But now, because the homes are made of wood, this sunken hearth is built in the floor of the house. It is filled with sand to protect the floor from burning. The food is cooked in a kettle that is suspended by a hook. You can find irori in few Japanese restaurants and is rarely found in homes.


Teppan means an open iron plate. It follows after the introduction of modern iron manufacturing. It can be used to grill meat, seafood, and vegetables.

Mouth-Watering Food You Can Cook In Japanese Grills

You can cook different Japanese cuisines on these grills. Here is the list of food you should definitely try while in Japan.


Teppanyaki is a famous Japanese cuisine which cooks meat and vegetables on the teppan grill. It is named so because it is cooked on a flat iron skillet. It is prepared in front of the guests in restaurants. It is most commonly confused with hibachi grill, but both are far from same. Ingredients used in teppanyaki are beef, shrimp, chicken, and vegetables. Nowadays, the creativity and taste of teppanyaki depend only on chef’s skills. Some people refer teppanyaki as hibachi barbeque. However, they both are not same.

If you want to enjoy the deliciousness of teppanyaki food, get yourself a teppanyaki grill from bite my bun.

Yakitori and Yakiton

These two are the most popular Japanese food. Yakitori is chicken meat while Yakiton is pork. Both are grilled over charcoal till the outside of the meat is crispy but inside is still juicy and soft. These are popular because these both use every part of chicken and pork even heart and intestines. Take a look at this guide with the best Yakitori grills and get one for your next barbecue party.


Yakiniku is Japanese barbeque. It has bite-sized pieces of soft and juicy beef and pork because it uses has various sauces used in it. It is also grilled over charcoal. It is a Korean-style barbeque.

Mouth-Watering Food You Can Cook In Japanese Grills

Sakana no Shioyaki

Sakana no Shioyaki is classic salt-grilled fish. This cuisine can be cooked with any fish. But two main fish are ayu (sweetfish) and Saba (mackerel). Both are grilled over charcoal and seasoned with salt.


This cuisine is cooked in irori hearth. It has a central grill with seats around it. The guest can select from a variety of food and chef will grant their demand. It is served on a wooden oar as a tribute to fishermen. It is originated by Hokkaido fishermen.  Robatayaki is often called ‘Robata.’


It is a dish of cooked fish and eel. These are boned and butterflied first, and then fillet is marinated in a soy-based sauce which has a sweet taste. The fillets are cooked over charcoal until crisp and tender. They are served with the steamed rice.

These are some of the best grill dishes you must try if you want to savor the taste of Japanese cuisines.


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