10 Creative Uses Of Cable Ties At Home

Creative Uses Of Cable Ties At Home

A cable tie is a fastener that is used to hold things together. It is also known as a zip tie, wire tie, hose tie, zap strap and steggel tie.

You might have used cable ties to keep wires from getting tangled or garden hose tied together, but many other innovative uses are there, such as:

1. Unclog a drain

Do your drains clog frequently? What do you do to unclog them? Using baking soda, vinegar and hot water is one of the best home-hacks to unclog it, but what to do if hair or other particles are trapped quite sternly? Then, a pair of decent-sized cable ties can come to your rescue. Just use a pair of scissors to make the ties serrated, and use the ties to unclog the drains. The serrated part will make sure that all the particles get clung to it, which can be thrown out in the garbage bin.

2. Keep things out of reach from your kids

There are many things in your home that you have to keep out of reach from your kids, like loose wires, wall hangings and keys, etcetera. So what to do? If you have cable ties at your home, then you are more solutions that you know. You can use those cable ties to tie the wires at a height where your kids cannot reach. Similarly, you can tie hangings using a cable tie and a nail; no need to look for expensive installations. You can also use cable ties as keyring stand where you can hang your keychains; keeping it out of reach from your kids.

3. Manage things tidely

You know what little things make your place look untidy: loose cable wires, garden hoses, earphones wires and whatnot! What’s the solution? Yes, you guessed it right: cable ties! A pair of cable ties can be used to manage these small, unsightly knick-knacks. Tangled objects irritate the most, right? Just tie them up to resolve your problems with ease.

4. Safety

It may not be a recurrent occurrence that the lock of your door gets broken, but what can you do if you cannot get it repaired right away? It may not seem the best option to use a cable tie to hold the doorknobs together; ensuring it stays locked, but it is the only option that you may have. You can also use it to lock doors where you don’t want your kids to enter or reach, like a storage room, cookie cabinet, basement or balconies. It is an impromptu solution, at times when the lock is broken. Suggestion: you can use it to tie your shopping bags or tents (camping) for times when you have to leave them unattended.

5. Luggage lock

Why do you spend your hard-earned dollars on luggage locks when you can pay a few cents on cable ties which are as efficient as those locks. It is also an impromptu action, but there is no harm in keeping a few cable ties in the side-pocket of your luggage, which can be used to lock backpacks or other bags temporarily.

6. In the garden

The primary use of cable ties might be to hold loose wires together but using it in the garden is clearly second. You must be thinking of using it to knot the hoses together, and yes, that is one of the many uses. But this is not what we are talking about; rather something creative & convenient. What do you do when your plants droop down? Yup, you are thinking correctly now. You can use the cable tie to knot it with a wooden stick or the garden railing to hold the plant in an upright position; ensuring healthy growth.

Hundreds of uses of cable ties are there; just have a creative approach towards it!


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