Understanding the Benefits of Installing Door Security Bars

Understanding the Benefits of Installing Door Security Bars

Whether you live in your own house, an apartment or a duplex condominium, you deserve to feel safe. It is sad that the stats on home intrusions are quite high. In the United States, there is a home intrusion every 13 seconds. These are scary statistics. However, they should not rob you of sleep. There are options you can use to protect your home from intrusion. One great option is the use of door bars.

The door security bar is a high quality steel bar that stretches across the width of your door to prevent entry. These bars come in various sizes and with various features. Some even have built in alarm systems while others can bend so that you can crack the door open to see who is standing behind it. But why should you consider this option?

Reinforce your door

Having state-of-the-art locking system is not enough. If the door can be kicked in, your safety features will make no sense. The door security bar is designed to solve this problem. The high quality steel bar is undefeated and will remain strong after application of extreme force such as kick-ins. The bar is supported by the strongest structural part of your house. It also has a contact plate which ensures the door cannot be moved.

Another great thing about this simple yet remarkably effective security system is the fact that it protects the door. With the system in place, your door will be protected from shock force damage in case someone tries to kick it in. This will help you avoid expensive repairs or door replacement costs.

Peace of mind

The fact that the door cannot be kicked in means you will enjoy the much deserved peace of mind. The best thing is that you will still be protected even when you open the door to peep outside. Doors like The Linebacker have a joint that allows you to crack the door open without compromising your security. Even when the door is cracked open and an intruder kicks it in, it will not open.

No compromise on functionality 

Unlike other security options such as the installation of sold steel doors, the use of the door security bars does not compromise such features as mail and packages being passed through. The pet access area will also not be compromised. You will still enjoy the ventilation you have always enjoyed. This is a security system that works to reinforce the door and not to change the way the door functions.

Easy to deploy

Last but not least, the use of the door security bars is easy. There is no science behind it. You simply slide the bar into place once you lock the door. It takes less than five seconds to deploy the foolproof security system.

The best security system is one that prevents unwanted entry. The door security bar does exactly that. Your main duty is to find a brand that offers the functions that you need. Make sure the brand you purchase from has a good reputation in matters security.


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