How to Create a Comfortable Rustic Bedroom

How to Create a Comfortable Rustic Bedroom

Many individuals are drawn to the rustic style of decor that is currently popular. This design style is ideal for bedrooms. The result is typically comfortable, and the earthy colors tend to be great for promoting calm and sleep. A quick way to transform your bedroom into this trendy style is to get a nice set of rustic bedding that contains a thick, comfy comforter, large, soft pillows and coordinating sheets. A simple bed skirt may also be added. There is a huge selection of different patterns that fall under this rustic description.

Look for bedroom items that have outdoor themes in the patterns. Elk, moose, ducks and deer are favorite picks. It is possible to only invest in a better comforter while using less costly sheets in a complementary hue. Bedroom curtain choices can match the bedding or just repeat a color or pattern. If desiring a darker color scheme, consider deeper pine greens, rich red-browns, dark golds or colonial blues. Any hues that could be found in nature can be used. Those that prefer a lighter color theme can select ivory and rich tans, burnished oranges, brighter desert shades or patchwork bedspreads.

Rich woods go perfectly with the rustic decor theme. Look for solid wood headboards, authentic wooden bedside tables or a great antique desk crafted of fine cherry or other elegant wood. This furniture looks better if the wood remains a bit rough. A lighter pine or birch can also be used. To keep costs down, some have stained a desk an authentic wood shade. It is easy to get an antiqued look by leaving some scratches and nicks present. Another idea is to distress the wood gently. If unable to buy new furniture, try adding some wood or driftwood elements around the room.

To set off your rustic chic look, hang a handmade quilt on the wall. Try to find a farmhouse or barn antique treasure to use as a focal piece. Think metal wagon wheel, old planks, antique lanterns and so on. It is possible to create a statement light fixture using these types of rustic items. This design style looks best with chunky wood furniture, warm throw rugs made from thick, woolen yarns, accent pillows and less frills or knickknack type of decorations. Individuals can buy awesome rustic bed linens at Pauls Home Fashions.


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