Get The Best Deals Online With These Simple-To-Follow Shopping Guide

Get The Best Deals Online With These Simple-To-Follow Shopping Guide

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Finding great deals is the highlight of every shopping trip. To find the best deals online, you need to know where to look. Start at and work your way around the internet with this useful online shopping guide.

Use Incognito Mode

Did you know that many online stores capture your IP address and plant things called cookies on your computer? This means that they can track your spending, as well as your location and preferences. If an online shop knows that you’ll spend $100 every time you order from there, they may not offer you discounts or even free shipping until you hit that amount. If you want to hit a lower free shipping threshold, or even be offered additional discounts, then use an incognito browser. This is easy to set up in Google Chrome. Click on the menu (the three dots on the upper right) and choose “use incognito mode.” Other browsers, like Safari and Firefox, offer this option as well.

Clear Your Browsing History And Cookies Regularly

To avoid this same problem from occurring, rather than choose to shop in incognito mode, you can clear your browsing history. This is as easy to (and works from the same menu as the incognito options.) You can choose how much of your browsing history and cookies that you want to clear. We suggest that you do this at least monthly, although it depends on how often you shop online.

Use A Service Like Ebates Or Another Add-On Tool

Most browsers allow you to add tools or extensions. Some of them are designed to help you compare prices quickly and easily. Others, like Ebates, give you cash back for using their links. These also will pull up any relevant discount codes. If there’s a sale going on or the item that you want is cheaper elsewhere, then you can find it with one of these tools. Some suggestions include the Ebates above, as well as Priceblink, PriceJump, and CamelCamelCamel.

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Utilize A Price Tracker

A price tracker works differently from these add-on tools. A tracker alerts you to price drops. This is great for holiday shopping, as many online prices change almost daily. Install the tool and then set it to notify you when the prices drop on any toys or items that you want to buy. It will let you know when the best prices are available, especially on

Use The Paribus App

Paribus is a very useful app that tracks your purchases. Many stores make price adjustments after the fact, especially within the first 30 days. However, tracking prices and bringing your receipts to stores (or calling customer service) can be a pain. With Paribus, the difference is automatically refunded to you. You don’t have to do anything, other than set the app up to view your receipts.

Between online shopping trackers, price alerts, discount codes, and even an app that makes price adjustments for you, there’s no need to pay full price for anything ever again.


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