Maui Surfing Capital In Hawaii

Maui Surfing Capital In Hawaii

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Maui is commonly known as the birthplace of surfing. These pipelines, bowls, and beaches have some different surfing conditions that range from easy to difficult. Before you jump into the water, keep in mind that more than one pro has been killed in the waters off Maui. You might want to take Surfing Lessons In Maui to ensure that you know what you’re doing when you’re in the water and when it’s time to invest in your first beginner board and ditch the rental, knowing which one to choose is crucial.

In all, Hawaii has 13 different places to surf. Some of the best are listed here, and of course, the top spots are in Maui.

Jaws Beach On Maui

Jaws Beach is the home to some of the scariest waves in the state of Hawaii. It’s called the biggest and the worst for a reason! Some of these waves reach a crest of 120 feet and are near a reef break that kept even the best surfers from reaching them. Thankfully, professional surfer Laird Hamilton came up with a method, called tow-in, that allowed surfers to ride these epic waves finally.

Oahu’s North Shore

You can find the world’s biggest waves on the North Shore of Oahu. Laniakea is the best place to go to find them. However, you do need to look out for the reef bottom and strong currents. The former can cause quite a few problems once the tide has rolled out. Also, if you like sea turtles, then you want to spend some time on Laniakea. This area is a great turtle watching location.

The Banzai Pipeline On Oahu

Oahu is home to more than one great surfing location. The Banzai Pipeline located off of Bonzai Beach has some crazy tube waves that pop up near the shallow reef. If you’re new to surfing, even after a few Surfing Lessons In Maui, you want to avoid this area. It can be dangerous even for professionals. In all, five surfers died there over the past eight years.

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Ke’ei, Kealakekua Bay On The Big Island

The Big Island isn’t exactly known for its great surfing. However, Ke’ei, Kealakekua Bay is one of those rare exceptions to the rule. This bay produces consistent waves during the right conditions. They aren’t fancy, but they are good for beginners and those honing their skills.

Castles On Oahu

Yes, Maui might be the birthplace of surfing, the Oahu is home to many great surf spots. These include Castles. This surf spot was named after the former home of Samuel Northrop. It’s also where Duke Kahanamoku set a world record for riding a wave for more than a mile.

Ho’okipa Beach On Maui

If you aren’t a professional surfer, then you’re better off watching people surf at Ho’okipa Beach. The waves can be deadly, especially since they’re paired with very rough water and a rocky bottomed patch of sea. Windsurfing is another fun pastime in this area, and even the amateurs can partake in this sport.  

Diamond Head On Oahu

Diamond Head is one of the most famous surfing spots. The moderate waves (usually in the four to a six-foot range) are great for surfers of all skill levels.


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