It’s Getting Hot In Here, But Your Pooch Can’t Take Off Any Clothes

It's Getting Hot In Here, But Your Pooch Can't Take Off Any Clothes

Spring is officially upon us. Celebrations. Finally, we can kiss goodbye to the winter which felt like it would never end. It’s difficult to see negatives in that news. Sadly, they’re there, and we’re going to focus on one today.

As the weather hots up, so does your home. That’s good news for the most part. You can fling open the windows and bask in warm delight. But, all is not sunshine in the hot home stakes. In fact, for those of us with dogs, warm homes are warning signs of trouble to come.

This is especially the case if your dog stays home alone when you head to work. We’re all aware of the perils of leaving a dog in a hot car, aren’t we? In truth, though, a hot home can prove equally problematic when it comes to keeping your dog healthy. With the sun shining, your windows can have a green-house style impact on heat levels. ( And, that can make things pretty dangerous for your pooch. To make sure all stays well when you aren’t around, then, you should consider the following ways to keep things cool.

It's Getting Hot In Here, But Your Pooch Can't Take Off Any Clothes

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Air con

Air con had to appear first on this list, didn’t it? Nothing will be better for keeping your pooch cool than cranking the air con before you leave. Sure, there will be some running costs involved. But, you should be able to keep this running at a low level, and still reap the cooling benefits. If you don’t have a system in place already, take these last cool days to contact a heating and air service who can get you up and running. Your dog and peace of mind will both thank you. And, as though that weren’t enough, this could well save you from overheating when summer gets underway.

Shut the door on your hottest rooms

It’s also worth shutting the door on rooms which get the most heat. Those with south-facing windows should be a priority here. It’s also worth making sure to keep your attic and basement spaces secure. If your pooch stumbles into hot areas like these, they really will be in as much trouble as they would in a car. Worse, dogs aren’t always the best at judging body heat. As such, it wouldn’t take long for dehydration to set in. But, you won’t have to worry about that if you get into the habit of double checking your doors before heading out.

Sun shades outside your windows

In incredibly hot countries, it isn’t unusual to see sunshades placed on windows. These often retractable additions ensure you can block the sun when it’s at its highest point. And, that could be a lifesaver for your dog. If your living room is south-facing, for instance, it may not be practical to shut the door. Instead, focus on installing shades like these and putting them in place when you leave. That way, even a pounding hot sun won’t be able to harm your precious pooch.


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