10 Things to Do When You Can’t Fall Asleep

10 Things to Do When You Can't Fall Asleep

Sleep is by far one of the most important aspects of human life. It is the time when people get to rest both physical and mentally, which makes it key for our general well being. While sleep might an important aspect in life, not many people are able to sleep well each time. According to recent studies, the average recommended sleep time for an adult averages at 7 hours, while that of a little one averages at 8-10 hours. There are various factors to consider if you want to take your sleep quality to the next level. By sleeping well each time, you can wake feeling refreshed and ready to meet your roles and responsibilities all throughout the day. However, without sufficient sleep, you might start experiencing various adverse side effects. This might include headaches, restlessness, reduced morale, and more. Therefore, consider these 10 things to do when you can’t fall asleep:


  1. Exercise

One of the most important activities that you can do if you can sleep if to workout. You need a good physical workout because it will help to release various chemicals in the body. This includes feel good hormones such as endorphins, while at the same time reducing stress hormones such as cortisol. Working out also helps to make you feel `tired`, which will be important in the quality of sleep you can achieve each night.

  1. Yoga and meditation

Another equally important suggestion is to consider new age wellness techniques. In particular, these techniques have been practiced since pre-historic times for various benefits. More so, various scientific studies have also shown that these techniques help to improve one’s well being. In particular, techniques such as yoga and meditation are meant to help the individual feel relaxed and happy. The techniques are practiced based on years of knowledge, and it will help you enhance the quality of your sleep.

  1. Healthy eating

Besides that, another important technique for enhance the quality of your sleep is to practice health eating. In particular, you want to ensure that you consume the appropriate diet, since this maintains the important body functionalities. More so, eating well also helps in the production of feel good hormones on the body. By eating a healthy diet, you can easily improve the quality of your sleep. Avoid consuming diets loaded with processed sugars, junk foods and more.

  1. Get good beddings

More so, you can also take your sleep quality to the next level by investing in the appropriate bedding solutions. This means that you need to buy beddings that suit your needs and the weather type as well. If it during the summer months, then you might consider using light beddings due to the heat. Also, if it is during the winter months, ensure that you use heavy beddings to beat the cold.

  1. Buy a good mattress

Your sleep regimen also plays an important role in the quality of your sleep. By using one the best mattresses on Amazon, you can easily take your sleep to the next level. A good mattress is comfortable and durable at the same time. Get a good mattress that suits your needs and ensure that you rest on it once you complete your daily schedule. If you are planning to buy a mattress, then you can check experienced tips from the https://mattermattress.com/.

  1. Avoid drugs and smoking

Using drugs and smoking can also compromise the quality of your sleep. Therefore, you need to cut down or perhaps keep away from these two bad habits entirely. Drugs and smoking may compromise the quality of your sleep significantly and this may have significant side effects. The drugs may damage structures of the brain which may cause you to lack the appropriate sleep quality.

  1. Avoid consuming coffee or stimulants before sleep

There is no denying it, consuming stimulants such as coffee or energy drinks often makes the body alert and focused. As a result, consuming these things before you sleep might easily compromise your sleep. Therefore, ensure that you also keep away from these types of substances if you want to achieve optimal sleep results.

  1. Read a good book

Another equally good suggestion for improving your sleep is to read a book before you sleep. Even if you are a reader and you are skeptical of this technique, consider trying it out. Reading a book not only replenishes your mind, but it will also help you sleep well. Reading the book requires a special state of mind, and this will help you transition well into high quality sleep.

  1. Drink a smoothie before sleep

You may also consider drinking a health drink before you sleep. Taking a health drink such as a smoothie will help in the production of feel good hormones in the blood. It will also help you feel full, and this will play a major role in the quality of your sleep. Note that, consuming a large meal before sleep is not recommended by most dieticians. It is recommended that you go for light meals before you sleep.

  1. Use lavender oil before going to bed

Believe it or not, lavender oil has one of the best scents of flowers today. You can easily find the oil online or perhaps at a local products store. Ensure that you rub the oil on your body since this will help you feel good and it also enhances the quality of sleep as well. The added benefit of using the lavender oil is that it does not have any negative side effect that should cause concern.


Taking all things into perspective, there is no room for making poor decisions when it comes to maintain the quality of your sleep. You need to make informed choices because your sleep determines the quality of your well being. Consider these 10 things to do when you cannot sleep because they will help improve the quality of your sleep. Sleep is key in our overall well being and there are various approaches to consider for the best results.


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