3 Tips to using a foot spa while pregnant

3 Tips to using a foot spa while pregnant

Numerous myths about the do’s and dont’s for pregnant women are all over the internet and spa treatments also have their own. Although there are myths that foot massages are dangerous for pregnant women and should be avoided, the truth is that this is only dependent on the stage of pregnancy that a woman is in. However, there are certain limitations on the type of treatments that one can go through when they are pregnant.

Many pregnant women suffer from sores on parts of their body, such as their back, legs, feet, and neck that keep them awake at night. While others might see this as a normal experience, massages can be of great help in solving these body aches. Here are some top tips to using a foot spa while pregnant.

1. Seek the services of a certified spa professional

While a foot massage can have a relaxing effect for an expectant mother, it can also cause harm in certain instances. Getting a certified professional would go a long way in determining that you are well taken care of and avoid any contraindications for pregnancy foot massage that will require urgent medical care. Some of these contraindications include

Preeclampsia – Swelling of the legs, which might be indicating a rise in blood pressure. The condition occurs in the early stages of pregnancy accompanied by weight gain, generalized edema, and severe headache. A physician should be consulted to avoid coma, death or convulsions. Avoid massage when experiencing nausea or vomiting.

Pitting edema – Swelling of the legs, feet, and ankles also called edema is normal during pregnancy and a lymphatic drainage massage is recommended to reduce the swelling during and after pregnancy. This, however, needs someone that is a spa professional.

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) – When a blood clot forms in one or more of the deep veins in the legs resulting in swelling of the legs accompanied by pain, mostly when it’s only in one leg, this is a symptom of DVT. Foot massage is discouraged to prevent the blood clot from dislodging and traveling to the lungs, blocking blood flow resulting pulmonary embolism.

2. Know and understand the risks

Understanding your condition as a pregnant woman and the risks that come with spa treatments is important. Bathing in water with a temperature of over 38 degrees Celsius is not advisable since it can damage the fetus. Always maintain a steady body temperature and the water used to soak your feet should be warm and not hot.

Foot spas and foot soaks are not ideal for diabetic persons. The same applies to cuts which can be an entry point for bacteria leading to serious infections and might be life-threatening. Ensure that you take precautions for your health and unborn child.

3. Focus on the benefits

Pregnant women experience aching feet towards the final trimester due to weight gain. A foot spa relaxes and relieves your feet and the scrubbing and moisturizing makes them soft.

While some massages aren’t safe and might cause convulsions, a foot spa while pregnant can relieve the aches and pains of pregnancy. Consult with your therapist to know which areas and techniques to avoid. You can also read more about the techniques warned by health practitioners for pregnancy cases and their reasons for disputing them. You can also use Meladerm skin lightening cream on your feet for extra care and to keep the stretch marks, pigmentation and other skin issues at bay.


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