Reasons Women Should Eat More Fat

Reasons Women Should Eat More Fat

The misconception that all fat should not be eaten by anyone trying to stay fit is already far spread to all people. It is popular to see most women struggling to eliminate all fats in their diet in fear of adding weight or getting some diet-related illness. However, women can greatly benefit from eating more fat than men because of how their bodies are created. If you check the official valkyrie webshop, some of the enhancement steroids work well if one increases their fat intake in their diet. Any lady who is active in sports and bodybuilding has a reason to smile because of these insights. Below are the reasons why women should eat more fat.

To Support Child Bearing

By nature, women’s bodies are created with a capability to support giving birth. According to science, newborn babies have a bigger brain than other animals’ babies. Therefore, any woman will need to support both the baby’s brain and fast-growing body both through breastfeeding and during pregnancy. As we all know, their building blocks are stored by their body fats.

For this reason, they need to eat more fat, especially the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. For other health reasons, they can avoid saturated fats, which have been determined to cause more harm to the body than benefits.

Women’s Body’s Process Fats Differently

We all know that saturated fats are the main concern here. However, it is surprising that ladies’ bodies process these fats differently than those of men. According to a research study where a male mouse and female mouse were fed saturated fats, both showed different results. While the female mouse did not show many changes on the body, the male mouse had an altered heart rate and also increased its weight drastically. This shows that the ladies can cope with more saturated fats since their bodies can process and use them. On the other hand, men require few of such fats.

High Fat, Low Carb Diet Facilitates Weight Loss

Most women are more obsessed with weight loss than men. Recently, the findings that a high fat, low carb diet is better in weight loss and has been seen to be more effective in women. With great attention to diet details, ladies can obviously show better results than men in this case.

Contrary to what most people think, ladies who consumed more fats including the saturated fats have shown a lowered risk of both diabetes and cardio illnesses than those who ate more carbs. Further, their cholesterol levels remained normal, at least for most of them.

Choosing Between Saturated, Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated Fats

As much as women are encouraged to increase their fat intake, it is crucial to show some caution on fat selection. We have all heard the anthem that the saturated fats have various adverse effects on the body. As researchers continue discovering what is happening, ladies can use a small ratio of these fats in their diet. However, both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are good for health. They include olive oils and omega 3, respectively. Their increases in the diet will offer all the above benefits as discussed.


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