DIY Home Improvements for Tenants: A Weekend Project

DIY Home Improvements for Tenants: A Weekend Project

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While every homeowner in the country is having the time of their life sprucing things up, and making their homes beautiful, tenants have to settle for what they have. Dull walls, tired flooring, and light fixtures that you would never have dreamed about installing yourself; do we really have to just put up with it until moving somewhere else?

Luckily not, according to many DIY enthusiasts who also happen to be tenants. You can easily enjoy the look of your home without embarking on lengthy renovation projects that only your landlord will profit from in the long run.

Have a word with your landlord first, by the way, if you want to paint their furniture in hefty shades of blue. They probably won’t mind it, but it’s good to ask first.

Here are a few of their best ideas, so that you can fall back in love with your rental home for a few more years.

Pick a color theme

To build on the ideas of awesome-looking chairs above, finding a color that speaks to your soul is a great way to kick things off. You may want to vamp up the look of some of your wooden furniture, for example, and it can be worth your time even if you don’t own it yourself.

Small painting jobs like these are so quick and will make such a big difference; you may even consider getting a second-hand dresser and give it a fresh coat of paint. It’s the kind of furniture you’ll move over to your next home, so your landlord won’t benefit from your hard work.

Use one of the primary colors, for example, and make it a theme throughout your flat. Yellow dresser, a few cups on display in the same shade, and different yellow knick-knacks in the living room can do a lot to make your space feel more personal – and even fun.

Who said rental homes need to be so boring in any way?

Assemble a cocktail cart

You can put together any cart you’d like, really, if you’re not that into cocktails. The great thing about these is that they’re small, nifty, and the perfect way to squeeze in a display stand in even the most cramped-up apartments.

Start the project by visiting the flea market, for example, or just roam around in your parent’s garage, and get ahold of one of those old-school carts they probably have lying around.

Scrape whatever paint-leftovers it’s still covered in, treat it to a good primer, before spraying the whole thing down with paint. You may have to use several coats of paint, by the way, but let it dry completely before you add the next layer.

Turn it into a vanity stand by making a mirror its centerpiece, for example, and use the bottom shelves to store your grooming stuff in. If you happen to find a wooden cart instead of an industrial one, you can use a dado blade and a saw bench to add as many drawers and accessories as you please too, making your DIY opportunities basically endless.

Make shelves out of an old ladder

If you have even more space to fill up after assembling your brand new cocktail cart, vanity stand, kitchen trolley, or whatever it ends up being, you might as well take that ladder from your parent’s garage as well.

Treat it to a good wash, a quality primer, and multiple layers of paint in fresh colors, before turning the steps into shelves. Have a look at this article to get a better idea of what you’ll be working towards – it looks awfully pretty, in any way, so it’s worth a look nonetheless.

If you can’t find one with two legs, you can also make a stand out of those ladders that lean against the wall. Revamp it, highlight the rustic look, and place it in the hallway to hold your scarves and shawls. It clears up the clutter in your home as well and, to make matters even better, you get to take your DIY stand with when you move out.

When you live in a rental home and feel like sprucing things up, you really don’t have to spend more than a short weekend on it.

Small projects like these can personalize your space and express your style a lot better than any old retail furniture is able to, so get yourself over to the flea market as soon as possible.


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